Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October. It’s the day we stop to reflect on the countless things to be thankful for.

When we have eaten and full … we must NOT forget the LORD who bought us out of a season of lack.

We all go through times of drought and difficult times … but the truth is, God always, always bring us out. If I am wrong then we should be worse off than anyone else.

We thank God for His loving kindness in the morning and for His faithfulness at nights. The LORD is our Rock and our Salvation.

Dear God,

Thank you for my family, my friends, and people all around the world. We just want to say, ‘THANK YOU ‘ for blessings seen and not seen. You are a good, good Father who shows us kindness even when we don’t deserve it. Your love makes room for us and adds no sorrow. You wake us up every morning even though we may grumble and complain. Thank you LORD for loving us even when we don’t pause to say, ‘THANK YOU!’

You are a good, good God. Amen

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Please note: I’m taking a few weeks off to vacation with my husband of 46 years. It’s also our 46th Wedding Anniversary. We will be vacationing in Indonesia and Bali for the next couple of weeks.

Here is a special candid moment with our grandkids taken during our Thanksgiving dinner last evening. The oldest grandchild is missing…he was at work.

Our four daughters have given us our crowns. Proverbs 17:6

The LORD has given my husband and me our heritage. He has filled our quiver with them. And we shall not be put to shame. Psalms 127:3-5

Free Friday

Thank God It’s Friday. Every day is a good day but knowing that Friday is here makes the past days look like we WON!

It’s time to laugh again!

Thank you for sharing your week with me. Without YOU, there’s no ME.

I remember you always when I pray.

See you on Monday. If something was funny or inspirational, don’t forget to pass it along.

Your Followers are NOT Always your Fans

On my recent vacation to Kenya we visited animal orphanages and safaris. Among the many animals I saw the gazelles held my interest for a moment in time. They are graceful and swift and when they leap into the air with all four feet, it makes it very difficult for their hunters to capture them.

We were told that the gazelles know that they must outrun the fastest lion, or they will be killed. The only animal comes close to its amazing speed is the Cheetah. For the cheetah to catch a gazelle he must run as fast, or faster than the gazelle to have him for a meal.

As the gazelle we should NOT lose our gracefulness but be swift to outrun our attackers making it very difficult to be captured. It was fascinating to watch all the animals (big and small) living on acres and acres of open land with each animal knowing fully well that they can be anyone’s meal. The lesson here is, your speed or lack thereof determines whether you will eat or be eaten.

If we are running in the jungle of life without God, the predators will capture us. We must be swift and agile to drop quickly to our knees in prayer when we know that we’re being pursued.

Everybody must eat … but you must not be someone’s else meal. You must outrun your enemies.

There’s a cry that only God can hear when any of His children are being attacked. Never underestimate the impact your fears, concerns, or cries have on the LORD. When you cry out, the LORD hears, and He rescues you from all your troubles. He is near to the broken heart and He is compassionate to those who are weary.

Be warned, when you are alone you will be someone else’s meal. There’s power in TOGETHERNESS otherwise the devil WILL NOT be instigating fights and arguments among us. One gazelle left alone is food for its predators.

The Bible says, God is your safe-haven and your strength an ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore, you can outrun your enemies and not fall prey to the traps setup for you.When you call on Jesus all things are possible. Just a mention of His Name is like a bulletproof tower where we can run from the vicious attacks of those pursuing you.

Where do you run for protection and safety? We have a safe-haven built with us in mind …it’s a high tower where our prayers are heard from the four corners of the earth.

The LORD promises to keep you safe from all kinds of evil. You are His personal concern. Do not fear. Do not panic. We are God’s personal concern.

A special treasure above all the animals of the earth. We must keep running when the sun comes up.

Know YOUR Worth

WARNING! MY BLOG IS LONG BUT IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH READING. Hope it helps everyone who reads it.

When the LORD your God brings you into FREEDOM do not make a promise nor show sympathy to those He has allowed you to conquer namely the ‘Hittites’ ‘Amorites’ ‘Perizzites’ ‘Hivites’ ‘Jebusites’. They were once greater and more powerful than you, but the LORD delivered them over to you and you conquered and utterly destroyed them. Deuteronomy 7:1-4

Allow me a little grace to take the group of people mentioned above OUT OF CONTEXT only to bring home my points for today’s blog:

Let’s IMAGINE that the Hittites today are the abusers. The Amorites are the bad lovers who love you because you call them your king or queen. The Perizzites are those who act like parasites feeding off you until there’s nothing more to give. The Hivites are the people who invite you to places that will destroy your character. The Jebusites are those who pretend to love you, but they are secretly jealous of you.

The most dangerous thing about being in relationships with abusers, bad lovers, parasites, liars, and manipulative men is that the woman who doesn’t know her worth often seeks comfort in the arms of unscrupulous men even though they don’t love her, and treats her like dirt. Today it’s known as ungodly soul ties … it’s where two unhealthy people pass on demonic garbage one to the other. They make vows like “I will love you forever” or “I will never let anyone know.” The soul is where your mind, will and emotions live. The tie is what makes two persons one.

I did a course once on Inner Healing and one of the sessions was on ‘Ungodly Soul Ties’ and it was quite an eyeopener. Sex is like gluing two pieces of paper together and the next day trying to pull them apart. Totally impossible. Pieces of your sex partner stays with you for the rest of your life. And it gets worse when there are multiple relationships.

Ungodly soul ties pull you away from healthy relationships and controls your mind, will and emotions. You don’t want to keep the relationship, but you can’t help thinking about them all the time. Here’s a great place for me to plug this in – ‘wet dreams’ — not cool. They are sexual seductive demons that sleep with you and keep you craving for more sex. It plays on your mind, will and emotions.

For better or for worse — we all have the freedom to choose.

Shame makes it easy for someone to stay in an abusive relationship because you believe you deserve it. Shame holds you hostage to people who are not healthy for you. A lecturer once told me – “Wherever there’s an ungodly soul tie, there’s manipulation and lies.” In other words – when you are in an unhealthy relationship you will be subjected to blackmailing, exploitation, misuse, smearing and lies.

Here are some facts taken from Deuteronomy 7:5-11 that I wish to apply to my topic:

YOU must deal with soul ties. YOU must destroy their altars, break down their sacred altars. YOU must burn images. Find someone to pray with you. Never a brilliant idea to handle this alone. Shame holds the abused hostage.

You are a holy people to the LORD your God. The LORD HAS CHOSEN YOU to be a people for Himself. Your purpose is bigger than anything you can dream or imagine.

The LORD did not choose you because you were more in number than other people, for you were the least of all people. He chose YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, and because He would keep the oath He swore to your fathers.

The LORD has brought you OUT with a MIGHTY HAND from the house of bondage. Burn the images. Destroy and Overthrow.

Therefore, know that the LORD your God , He is God, the faithful God who keeps His covenant and mercy for a thousand generations, with those who love Him and keep His commandments.

Therefore, you shall keep the commandment, the statutes, and the judgement which God has commanded you today, to observe them.

We were born to WIN! Destine 4th GREATNESS! When the LORD your God hand them over to you — you must destroy them — DO NOT make any promises to them nor show kindness to them.

Lyrics ‘No longer a slave to Fear’ by Jonathan David

You unravel me, with a melody
You surround me with a song
Of deliverance, from my enemies
Till all my fears are gone
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
From my mothers womb
You have chosen me
Love has called my name
I’ve been born again, into a family
Your blood flows through my veins
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God

Be Persistence

We must embrace the different seasons in our life knowing fully well it’s just a season. I’ve come to trust that every season of life comes with its own valuable lessons that can last you for a lifetime. The ‘Quitting Season’ is a season that threatens to destroy the harvest of families and hardworking citizens … but it’s part of the circle of life that must be handled with WISDOM. This season looks for loopholes and imperfections in our lives making high bids to distract us from our task at hand.

It’s the kind of season that fine tunes our shortcomings causing us to become frustrated with ourselves and stop fighting. Be wise! Don ‘t let how you feel make you forget what God has said. 


Good or bad — seasons are just for a season. The GOD we serve is never perturbed by the seasons He allows to come to us because He has given us everything we need to go through the season.  Jabez had a season of pain and he prayed  –-  “Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and ENLARGE my territory, that YOUR hand would be with me, and that YOU would keep me from evil, that I may NOT CAUSE PAIN.” SO, GOD GRANTED him what he requested.”

Seasons shift when we pray. God knows how we are framed and He’s remembers we are dust. That is why we do not lose heart in a season — the skill of handling a season maybe intimidating most of the times but our inner self is daily growing stronger as we learn valuable lessons to pass on to others. 

Answers to prayers doesn’t come about by doing drive-thru prayers because we are in a hurry. It requires sweat, tears, and being persistent. Don’t expect God to turn up if we aren’t willing to put in the time for ourselves. 


There was a judge who neither feared God nor respected men. There was also a widow who wanted justice against her adversary. The judge refused to listen to the widow’s plight but the woman kept annoying the judge with her persistent cry. Eventually the judge out of frustration granted the widow justice. The judge had no other option to silence the widow and the widow had no other option than to be persistent.

If the unjust judge could be moved by a persisting widow’s plea — certainly God will give us justice when we cry out to Him day and night. The God we serve is looking for faith on the earth … He’s ready to answer when we will not give up.

We all experience dry seasons in our lives, they make us want to quit and count our losses, but God is looking for people with faith to believe that persistent prayers CAN and WILL abort Satan’s plots to destroy our harvest.

IN CHRIST THERE’S NEVER A CRISIS. When you know the power of PERSISTENT  prayers … God always grants us our request.

We will be kept Alive

Have you ever experienced days where some things just don’t add up? Those are the days when there are more questions than answers and you stood in your shoes and you wonder? It was like everything was great a few minutes ago and then suddenly a windstorm of events takes place leaving you in a state of disbelief.

On those days when things appear out of control … we must choose to be resilient (strong, tough) in the face of fear not looking right or left or running away in isolation. Our past records have the proof where like yeast in the pizza dough we slowly rise with the right temperature, and we serve others from our past experiences.

No one learns anything if we keep running away from difficult situations. If we stay in the fire, we will NOT be burnt. But if we run while the fire is raging there’s a high possibility that we can stumble and fall leaving unhealed scars. We will be determined to live in a manner that’s consistent with our confidence in God.

There are many lessons we learn about ourselves when things out of control. Someone said, “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.” There are seasons in our lives when we will be pressed, crushed, stressed, squeezed, tested beyond measure … choose to be patient! Hang in! It will not be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Challenges can sometimes come as distractions to take us away from things dearest to our heart. Be courageous to know that when things do not add up … you can come back stronger and wiser. Genesis 50:20 says, ‘As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.’ I LOVE IT! We are kept ALIVE after a windstorm of events for a greater purpose.

We can trust God to accomplish great things that might not have happened any other way. When our mind and emotions go up and down like a yo-yo because Satan has demanded to steal our joys, we must show him whose side you’re leaning on. If God said that He is with you to the END. … there’s nothing more that is required of you. You will be kept alive for a greater purpose.

Loving God and trusting Him during the unknown seasons is like trying to open a jar … you must use all your strength until you hear it pop. Then you are excited that your determination made it happen. Get the gospel music back on in every room and sing like you just don’t care. We may be a long way from being perfect overcomers but event after event we are thriving hard to keep the lid of discouragement off.

Use your good days to fill up your thoughts with things that are honest, good, pure, lovely, of a good report, if there be any positive and happy things, think on these things. For no one knows when those difficult days will come.

Ready for the Weekend?

Welcome to the beginning of the weekend.

Today’s goal: Don’t worry! Be happy! When you are unhappy the devil grins … so maybe we can keep him away by smiling more today.

Smilers never lose and frowners never win. Let the sunshine in!!!

Here’s to a phenomenal weekend. When you’re unhappy the devil wears a grin. Smilers never lose.

Between you and me – I love the last one 🤣🤣🤣

Looking forward to seeing you again on Monday. Happy Weekend!