Believe In Yourself

I keep sabotaging my best intentions. I am obviously not perfect. I have the desire to do what’s right, but then I sometimes trip up on carrying it through.

At times wishing I had done things differently keeps replaying over and over in my mind like a damaged disk.

My forgiveness for myself is not always fair but my forgiveness towards others comes so easy.

When I live with self condemnation from wishing that I had done things differently….my peace is greatly affected and my spirit gets heavy.

The baggage of my past failures is heavy. And it hinders me from being the best I can be….but I must believe in myself that my mistakes will turn into golden stepping stones.

Guilt and regret are too heavy for any human to carry without an intervention from the Almighty God. Guilt is awful if not confronted immediately.

We cease to be effective and that’s exactly the position that our enemy wants us to be in.

Wishing we had done things differently buries us under the weight of guilt, shame and regret.

Remember that we are seeds. Trees have been growing for a very long time without any help from humans. Allow nature to take its course. You can push past those things that weigh you down.


Dinner Is Being Served

Sometimes dealing with folks that grew up with you can be a real challenge. One minute they can be real impressed because of your progress, and in the next breath they can cut you down.

We are all fun and game until one person excels in something that spirals them into the limelight….then….the famous question is asked, ‘Who does he or she think they are?’

Hard work brings success and success brings a variety of things: compliments, attention, jealousy, negative or positive criticism, and of course the silent or vocal haters.

People who bring up your past when you have struggled to get to the top openly reveals their way of dealing with your success. Then you have folks who will never clap when you win. And don’t forget the ones who will never go public with their compliments.

Have you ever observed the praises and fine words that are extended towards folks who are either on their dying beds or who have passed away?

Everyone switches up their busy schedules to reach out and show support.

I often wonder if it’s a little too late at that hour to appreciate and show love. Hmmmm….😫

Why is it so difficult to say to the people in your life how proud you are of their success?

Pride, jealousy, and hatred are brick walls that need to be broken down.

Why is it that people who have passed away are celebrated with toots and horns, large wreaths, powerful eulogies, expensive caskets, and large receptions? All of which the dead cannot see or hear.

To all those who are toiling and burning the midnight oil for your family and for your legacy – God will continue to prepare a meal before you as you rely on His promises and keep your eyes on Him.

Keep soaring even if no one cheers you on. People are watching and will whisper your success.

If it wasn’t for the LORD…

● You may not have made it to the table

Keep focus

● Stay courageous

● Don’t look to the left or to the right

● All of the help you will ever need comes from the LORD who makes your ways prosperous so you can have great success.

Jesus is your crown of glory. Be grateful for the glow…It looks good on you.

Don’t fret over those who don’t understand your journey.

Don’t fear failure, just fear that 2019 will meet you the exact place you are in 2018.

Wisdom Calls

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

To fear God means to have deep respect and reverence for God.

There’s a bible story where Pharoah had ordered the midwives to kill all the firstborn males at birth…but it says that the midwives feared God and did not kill the Hebrew babies.

They feared God not Pharaoh…important to note.

Fearing God is good because it keeps us from doing things that we may have second thoughts about.

It’s like having a ‘pause’ button that automatically pops up before we can click to accept or decline.

I find it easier trust a person who is god-fearing than a person who doesn’t have a fear of God.

A person who fears God is more than likely to keep their word and treat others kindly.

Stay with me as I slip over to something I’ve been thinking about:

How can someone say they love God and give God something that doesn’t cost them?

● We bring our offerings in coins or give the least valued dollar … and sincerely don’t care about it. We may even shrug off a comment made about it.

● We wear street wear to the House of God and without any remorse say that God is not concerned about how we dress.

● Are we guilty of offering God the lame, the blind and the sick offerings?

● Do we give God things that don’t cost us?

● Do we drop coins in the plate and arrange the paper notes carefully in our wallets?

Here are my thoughts:

If we sincerely believe that God is not concerned about our attire, or what we give…the next time we go to for an interview for that top managerial position put on your street wear.

The next time you are invited to your BFF’s wedding, take some coins and drop it in the box with your name on it.

Questions please:

● Do you think you will get that top position in that company with your street wear attire?

● What will your BFF think of your gift of coins?

● Should God accept this from our hands?

God has no pleasure in stolen, lame or sick sacrifices/offerings. God is a great King and His Name must be feared/respected among us.

Food for thought:

● Freely you have received, freely give.

● From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same….God’s name will be honored and respected. If not by human beings then the very rocks will do it.

● The FEAR/ RESPECT of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Peace Cannot Be Purchased

We are imperfect humans beings living in an imperfect world with imperfect relationships.

Fights and arguments come from our own selfish desires. We want things but we do not have them so jealousy and strife burns up inside of us.

In an imperfect world with imperfect people:

● Relationships become contaminated and dysfunctional

● Trust is broken

● Confidence takes a plunge like the stock market on a bad day

● Family lives have been disintegrated and there’s a slim chance of recovery

● Family values are a thing of the past

● A son disrespects his father

● A daughter rises up against her mother

A daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law

● A man’s enemies are the members of his own household, this is actually a scripture verse found in the Bible.

Fights, jealousy, and arguments are more prevalent in most families more than we are willing to confess.

The times we live in, it appears that it’s no longer easy to fight and apologize… but it has become more acceptable to fight and flight.

Life teaches us some hard knock lessons and the fights and arguments do come fast and furious.

But there’s hope for relationships to bloom again even if it’s rotten to the core … with a sniff of love it can sprout again.

We have a loving Father who knows each and everyone by name. Our family history is engraved in the palm of His hands…and one of His greatest gift of inheritance is bringing PEACE to our troubled homes.

If we had all the wealth in the world at our disposal, we couldn’t buy PEACE. Peace can only come when we allow God to become the head of our homes. It’s saying “Yes” to God and not budging from that commitment.

When Satan stands to accuse us, the LORD strongly warns him – ‘Not this one Satan’. God can take away the chaos and confusion and give us a new rich robe of PEACE.

Finally, never lose hope because every new day amazing things happen. Stay strong. Keep faith. Stay positive.

Smile It’s FRIDAY

It’s been an amazing week people….Many people didn’t make it to the end of the week, so we should be extremely grateful that we did.

Smile, it’s Friday!

Let’s free ourselves up to laugh again…

Here’s to another Friday.

Hope I was able to put a smile on your face.

I appreciate you sharing your week with me. Without YOU there’s no ME.

Looking forward to Monday when I get to share my thoughts once again with you.

I remember you always in my prayers.

Watch Out For Spills

While on vacation I noticed a sign on a trash can that caused me to chuckle. It read, ‘When I’m full, please don’t leave your trash with me. Please take it with you.’

So many times we allow others to dump their trash on us creating a spill over of negative behavior on an emotionally challenging day.

Have you ever made one comment to someone and it turned into an argument and you stood in your shoes and wonder?

Chances are their reaction to your comment had absolutely nothing to do with you… but the truth is … maybe, just maybe…they were spilling over from a lifetime of cluttered memories.

If we have unhealthy memories stored up…there’s a good chance of it spilling over if someone says or does something.

It’s really okay if you are emotionally full to the brim to protect your space. We all must become aware of our capacity to avoid a spillover.

In my life, I’ve said things to others that created a negative reaction, and others have said things to me that caused an overspill of negative emotions.

I guess, you’ve got to have skills to deal with spills….so we may need to shut it down before it spills over on an innocent bystander.

Don’t feel guilty for protecting your space and peace of mind. I’ve learnt over some time to walk away when conversations turn into personal battles.

There are some people who REFUSE to let some things go….and you will always be the target to their very toxic behavior.

If you feel drained time after time with someone…let them go.

Don’t feel guilty to protect your space.

When your heart is full…it’s okay to cancel an appointment, to change your mind from doing a pressing task, to take some time off to enjoy outdoors, to not answer your phone, to let go without going on a guilt trip, and to simply do nothing…like staying in your pjs.

Suggestion: Find your tribe…love them hard …invest in yourself…get new memories…surround yourself with people who have your back… and those who are cheering for you put their numbers on your speed dial.

It’s absolutely okay to put up your sign to all toxic relationships saying, ‘I am full, please don’t leave your trash with me. Take it with you.’

Casual Relationships vs Intimate Relationships

Do you know me? Here’s the truth…I guard and value my relationship with God above all other relationships and I will never be intimidated to stay quiet about it. Life goes on for me whether you agree with my daily post or not.

God has been too good to me for me to believe it was either by luck or by chance.

Some people may want to differ based on their personal experience with God…while others would agree with me that God is a good, good Father based on their personal experiences.

So what’s the difference between these two opinions….

Could it be that one has a casual relationship (friends with benefits) with God? Give me, give me, give me mentality.

While the other group has an intimate relationship (mutual trust, closeness, desire to share thoughts and feelings) and chooses to remain faithful to God whether He answer today or ten years later?

A casual relationship with God goes like this – ‘God, I’m in trouble today. I don’t have any money. Please send me money today. Amen’

An intimate relationship with God goes like this – ‘Dear God, you are a good, good Father. You know all so well when I am down and out, and when I’m doing well. My faith grows in the times when I can’t understand why things are the way they are, so please give me the strength to hold on and not to become discouraged. In Jesus Name, Amen’

The one difference between casual relationships and intimate relationships is, TRUST.

The people who know God will remain strong in faith and continue to do great things with or without our prayers being answered.

They choose not to go back and forth in their faith. They bring their case to God and wait on His timing. They don’t run away when God is silent.

God is interested in the details of our lives. He knows them long before we even said one word.

Have you ever wonder how acquaintances (a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend) expect to receive the same benefits like those who have an intimate relationship?

Relationships have it’s perks and benefits based on the investment of time, energy, and trust we put into them. Think of your own personal relationship with your spouse or partner or family member.

Some people’s relationship with God is a ‘give me relationship’.

Disappointments happen when you expect benefits in a casual relationship.

A casual relationship with God leads to doubt and worry and many times blaming God for their mess.

Trust is an important part of any healthy relationship and it’s no different with our relationship with God.

Trusting God means that you believe that God is reliable and you have the confidence that He will make perfect all that concerns you.

Jesus is undeniably the only answer to all of life’s issues. Without Him, we will continue to struggle with fear and disappointments.

Some people trust in humans, but others trust in the Name of the LORD. The decision is always a personal choice.