‘The internet provides a home for anyone and everyone’. I first read this statement online and it stumped me right in my tracks. It grabbed my attention moving me to write this post.

The internet is in love with you whether you are fat or short, skinny or tall, rich or poor, popular or unpopular, suicidal or party goer, pedophile or saint, lonely or a member of a huge family….the internet loves you and me. It doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

The internet is there to appease whatever is your fantasy or whatever knowledge you require at that time. The internet is there to keep your company – you will never be lonely again.

If you are in search of midnight love or someone to talk to on any given topic in the lonely hours of the mornings – the internet has someone waiting for you.

The internet connects millions of people all over the world with a simple touch of a button. It is a very scary place for bored, innocent children and adults who can become actively engaged simply by using their cellphone while in bed.

The internet is the new kind of drug that has the power to make a person become so heavily addicted and dependent on it by clicking on sites that covers a wide variety of topics including hardcore pornography.

Porn has sneaked into our homes corrupting innocent children and destroying marriages. The internet is an easy and secretive way to build unhealthy relationships with complete strangers making them lifelong friends.

Pornography in years gone by was a nude picture and if someone showed you it, it was like WOW! It was not easily accessible. But with the internet on cellphones … pornographic videos showing explicit images of sexual acts can be viewed 7 days a week …365 days a year…24 hours a day.

Kids as young as 8 years old are openly confessing that they are gay. A student 15 years old recently chopped off his mother’s hand and dealt her several blows to her body at 7am on a school morning because she took away his cellphone the night before, and scolded him for not doing his schoolwork.

Busy parents earning the ‘golden dollar’ are relieved to have free babysitting services by placing a cellphone in the hands of their children. They are unsuspecting parents who are unaware that their kid’s shows can contain ads that have sexual contents.

Who is standing on guard for our family and our homes? When the guard takes a nap…the thief enters in and relieves the family of all their precious valuables.

Friends, we may be leading hectic lives juggling many balls in the air, but there are countless unscrupulous people that are also kept busy stealing our children and our spouses away from us.

A thief is only there to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Thieves are women and men who thrives on fulfilling the needs of gullible, hungry and lonely folks. Their job is to get them hooked and swiftly move on to their next victim.

Some parents think it will never happen to their children…some spouses assumes that they fall into the safe category…a thief will go after his victim until he or she wins.

Technology has improved that even our phone knows if it’s been stolen. There’s an app that learns it’s owner’s movements and habits to recognize when a thief is using it. We put passwords on our phones to prevent thieves from stealing our information. We have cameras in our homes to detect a break in. We can lock and unlock our cars remotely. These things were unimaginable years ago when life was a little less complicated.

Now, my question is, Who is keeping a watchful eye on our homes and our families? Aren’t they are more valuable than our material treasures?

No one can enter a strongman’s house without first tying him up. When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are UNDISTURBED.


It’s a lot of pressure to respond to your thoughts. Some thoughts need to be answered, some need to be silenced, and some thoughts need to be prayed about. I read that 80 % of our thoughts are negative. The vast majority of our thoughts goes on subconsciously. Interesting!

This post is named “Self-Appraisal”.

According to Google – “The Self-Appraisal is your opportunity to reflect on the things you did well, and the things you did not do so well – but learned from the past year.”

There are 8 months and 6000 hours left until December 31st, 2018. It’s a great day to do a self-appraisal.

Below are a few (Couldn’t share all right? U might get a long hearty chuckle at what’s tossing around in my head) of my thoughts that I have been reflecting on …some I’ve answered; others I have kept silent; and the rest – well, I need to pray about them 🤣🤣.

Here are a few of my self-appraisal questionshoping it will help you see that it’s okay not to feel positive all the time… remembering that we are human.

I feel powerless when….

My biggest challenge is…

When I feel tired, the nicest thing I can say or do for myself is.

The only thing that I have complete control is…

The number one thing that I usually overthink about is …

I need to let go of…

Beauty is…

Life is too short to be…

Patience with self is…

Patience with God is…

On my good days I…

Rushing things will do…

Today is ….

My mind is a magnet for…

Biggest lesson learned this year is…

Biggest heartbreak was…

My goal is…

Best thing I’ve ever done is…

Watch those thoughts though… before they control your life.

If You Own The Story – You Get To Write The Ending

No one can rewrite their past, but we have control over the chapters to come. We have a choice to either get stuck where we are now and never move ahead, or we can choose to own our story… and write the ending for ourselves.

To have an intriguing ending, we must focus on finding the joy in the journey.

I remembered the good ole days when we took our kids on road trips. Everyone would be so excited before and during the first two hours of the trip…but because we were confined and limited to the family SUV … eventually the youngest one started the popular roadtrip song, ‘Are we there yet?’

Before long, we were forced to make frequent unplanned stops along the way to keep the youngest child happy…who at this point was bored of music, games, singing, books etc.

What should have taken us nine hours… took us twelve hours. Once we arrived at our destination Disney World, the kids forgot the torturing trip and off they go to a whole new world that’s so enchanting.

What about the birthing room? Contractions are intense, water sac ruptures, contractions get stronger and last longer, pain is intense and tears are involuntary….but within a matter of minutes, baby arrives safely into the loving arms of excited parents. No one remembers the pain anymore.

Here’s something to consider if you want a brave ending to your story:

Stay with me on this journey – the first two scenarios had happy endings in spite of the rough start. No one was ever promised a life without challenges…but it’s encouraging to know that we can find joy in the journey.

If we own the story, we get to write the ending.

Job 14: 7-10 says, “For there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down.” ….this means even if the body of the tree be cut down, and the stump be left in the ground, there is hope that the tree will sprout again by the dew of the earth and the rain from heaven.

Things happen all the time to cut us down and to bring on discouragement …. but if we maintain hope in God …we will write again and have the ending we desire. We are more powerful than we believe.

When we take all of our life’s experiences and share them as tools for learning – we own our story. When we own our story – we get to write a brave ending.

Our life consists of many chapters…if we tell ourselves that life is meaningless, then we will end up most miserable and extremely frustrated.

If we tell ourselves that our experiences in life were really God’s gifts to us, then we get to write our own ending. It’s called HOPE. HOPE IN GOD will NOT PUT US TO SHAME.

How are we planning to write our ending?

Amazing Grace

Growing up in the 1950s…television, cellular phones, computers, and video games were unheard of….but yet my siblings and I had a good life.

We were free to play outside with our friends…. and our parents were never worried about us. Playing hopscotch on the pavements and skipping ropes were our favorite past times. We were well mannered, and the happiness that came from knowing that Mommy was always at home made our home a delightful place to live.

Life was pretty much very simple and routine… and very little was needed to keep my siblings and I happy.

Too bad things are so tough these days for parents and children.

Today, children are forced to look at every stranger as a prime suspect of a criminal act. Schools are unsafe for both teachers and students alike. Even churches are unsafe as paedophiles and unwanted characters lurk around for unsuspecting children and adults.

Having four daughters and two granddaughters I would love to leave a positive legacy since I cannot change the world for them.

I’m passionate about how young ladies see themselves.

I don’t think anyone should compromise their integrity to find true love.

Below are 12 suggestions that I’ve come up with to reassure young ladies that good choices pay off…

1. You are a product of your decisions. Whatever decisions you make, you must be able to live with it for a lifetime. Bad decisions are unforgettable.

2. Let wisdom prevail when choosing your friends. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

3. Total commitment comes before physical contacts. Chasing guys are not cool. When guys are pursued they lose interest.

4. God made you and He gifted you with enough strength to carry your dreams to fruition. You and God make the best team.

5. Any man with the ability to flirt can melt your heart…but, a real man will make other young ladies become jealous of you.

6. Verbal abuse; Mental abuse; Physical abise; Emotional abuse; Financial abuse; Spousal abuse or any kind of abuse is not love. A real man will not cause pain to his woman.

7. Being trashy doesn’t draw the right attention. Men with good intentions prefer women that have self-respect and high values.

8. It takes more than a wink, a like on your Facebook picture, or someone approaching you for your cellphone number to find true love.

9. Work hard at what you do well and watch your confidence rise.

10. Don’t wait until you lose your parents then to appreciate the sacrifices they made for you.

11. When in doubt pray. If you find yourself overthinking … go back and pray.

12. Your number one relationship is with Jesus. He will take care of everything that you will ever face today, tomorrow and the next day.


“Forget all the bad things, your troubles and the drama others have bought into your life. Enjoy today and look forward to a weekend of smiles”.


Thank God it’s FR!DAY!! Be good to yourself and to everyone who you meet along the way. A simple smile goes a long way.

Thank you for being a part of my reading audience. Without you … there will be no me.

🤗🤗 From January 6th to April 19th, 2018 …I am grateful to have had persons from seventy-six (76) countries who visited my site.

I am encouraged with every act of kindness shown to me via comments left on my blogs, direct messages, sent emails, those who shared my blogs on social media, those who have encouraged me to write a book, and to those who have clicked the like buttons.

A special thanks to my sister Joy who have never missed one blog for the last three years …along with daily leaving a comment. Thank you my sister. You rock!

To my faithful husband who have been my friend and supporter – Thank you. You never complain about my late nights or the tappings on my keyboard. Love you!

To my virtual friends Karina Lam –


John Cowgill –

Both of whom I have never met …but have read and clicked the like buttons countless times – Thank you! ….You have taught me that bloggers speak in many languages.

Sending lots of love and well wishes to each and every one of you my readers. See you all on Monday!

Jesus is definitely at the center of it all.

Looking For A Good Tenant?

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep vigilant watch over your heart that’s where life starts.”

It’s so easy to get distracted in life with sideshows….they are the little annoying things that steals your attention and make you lose focus on your road to destiny.

One of the sideshows is when a relationship goes south. So many of us trip over how to get past this sideshow distraction.

Not all relationships are built to last, no matter how badly we wish they could. It can feel so very scary and uncomfortable to move past a relationship that has turned sour.

Life isn’t always easy, but we can be resilient if we stop renting space in our heads to bad memories.

Some things will build us up and some will tear us down. It’s eventually your choice to make each and every day.

It’s interesting to know how well our hearts can rebuild after a bad relationship if we only find the courage to grow and learn.

Keep vigilant watch over your heart for that is where life starts.

Our days on earth is far too short to stay stuck in the past or with people who hurts us. We should have enough respect for ourselves to let go and move on. Yes, it may hurt …but this too will pass.

Keep company with God. Get quiet before Him and remain prayerful. Don’t bother with those who climb the ladder and elbow their way to the top.

Cool yourself and resist the urge to think evil thoughts. God isn’t losing any sleep.

If we stumble, we will not be down for long. God has a grip on our hand. Not once will you see someone who trusts in God go roaming the streets. Turn away from evil thoughts and don’t quit doing good.

Watch your step and the road will stretch out smooth before you. Don’t let anyone rent space on your head, unless they are a good tenant.

Oops – Self Worth Was Updated

Self Worth #1 was sent in error. Reason is found below:

My granddaughter accidentally clicked my sent button…..oh well….life goes on.

The post has been updated. Please ignore the first one that was sent earlier.

To my loyal readers who responded to my first post – Thank You!! Much respect to you. Love covers a multitude of wrongs 😢😊😊