Excuse Me: I’ve Got Some Giants To Kill

Everything in our lives has purpose…our pain has purpose. There’s a reason for our struggles. But one thing I’m very confident about – God can turn situations around very quickly.

We are going to WIN!!!

But, before we start our victory dance…we’ve got some giants to kill.

Some people are troublemakers. They are always thinking up some wicked plans and telling lies.

They use secret codes to cheat people. They wink with their eyes to get other people’s attention.

The Lord hates 7 things:

A proud and arrogant look

Lying tongues

Hands that kill innocent people

Hearts that plan evil things to do

Feet that run to do evil

Witnesses in court who tells lies

Anyone who causes family members to fight

Proverbs 6:12-19

When David seized the opportunity to go and fight Goliath….nobody thought he had a chance to win.

Not his brothers. Not King Saul. Not the army of the King. But in spite of all the doubters, David remained strong in faith.

All of us face giants in our lives. Sometimes they come disguised in the list of the 7 things God hates – arrogant people, lying tongues, hands that kill innocent people, etc (you can review the list above)the truth must be told – we all will face giants.

The good news is with God’s help we will overcome the giants in our lives. God will use our faithfulness to get us to another level where we will either outlast or outgrow our enemies.

When everyone else is focusing on their giants, we will focus on God – His goodness to us, and reflecting on the many times God delivered us out of all our troubles.

Lastly…keep faith that God will deliver us from our giants.

Let NO ONE Despise You!

To despise means to detest, hate, dislike, scorn, slight, look down on, jeer at, mock, to feel a strong dislike for someone, etc….Now, let’s read over the topic – “Let no one despise you”.

The following are some thoughts to ponder on to protect our heart:

Do not allow anyone to treat you as if you were not important. Dimming your lights will make you miss your destination. We need to put on the full beam headlights to see as far ahead as possible.

The relationship you have with yourself is the same relationship you will have with others, and others will have with you. So have the greatest relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself the way you will talk to someone who wants to give up on life.

Pick your inner circle with wisdom, and keep loving the people who you think you deserve. Don’t act out of desperation. Real friends come in quality not quantity.

Social Media is selling a lifestyle that is totally unrealistic…and many people are coming short because of low self-esteem. We should be proud of our values, beliefs and our life’s experiences.

When I look in the mirror what I see should motivate me to become a better person.

Don’t let anyone despise you because your journey is different. Insecurity is when we start comparing ourselves with others. Believe in your journey, and own it.

True confidence is when you know who you are and you don’t need to prove it.

Finally, don’t make any decision on the advice of those who don’t have to live with the consequences. Feel free to walk away from anyone who make you feel hard to love.

It’s really okay to walk away from unnecessary drama and find your circle of true friendship.


All of us deal with discouragement in one way or the other throughout our lives.

Discouragement makes us feel stuck, unmotivated, disappointed, and gloomy. It’s a disease that is common to all human beings, and I must admit that it’s highly contagious. One discouraged friend can make us underestimate God’s ability to turn things around.

Discouragement comes by what we see, hear and feel. It creeps up on us like an unsuspecting burglar. When we see things not moving as fast as we would like to see – our hearts lose hope and lost of hope makes us feel sick to the stomach.

Sounds kind of corny …. but the truth of the matter is:

God already knows how discouraged we feel about what is bugging and occupying our minds. And the best thing is, He wants us to talk to Him about our feelings, so He can strengthen us to go on.

Everyday things will happen to discourage us in some way. The worst thing we can do is to keep it to ourselves. When discouragement makes an unannounced visit as it often does – it’s time to call someone you can trust to join you to pray about it.

When Satan tries to make us doubt God, makes us feel confused and saddened ….it’s the perfect time to choose faith in God over fear of tomorrow. God may not always change the circumstances when we would like Him to, but He will always give us the encouragement we need.

I believe in God even when He is silent.

Never doubt the power of prayer.

Family It’s Friday!

Family, it’s FINALLY Friday! Pinch yourself, we made it! Fridays are the days we get to keep our sparkles on without disruption.

Let me kickstart the weekend on a roll with you….

We survived everything that happened this week, so it’s time to straighten our crown and start doing the happy dance.

Thanks for spending time with me this week. You have been a great reading audience.

See you on Monday! Be safe. Be happy. And sparkle on!

Life is like A Box of Chocolates

I’ve ripped the wrapping off my box of assorted chocolates and I’m about to share them with you today.

I fell apart, and guess what? I didn’t die. Instead, I got back up on my feet, dust my hands and stood up tall. I survived the fall.

I tried to hold on…I tried a few times to let go…then the time came for me to make a choice…then I chose to let it go. I survived the guilt.

I had to fight the challenges of a sometimes difficult life…and guess what? Life doesn’t get easier, I just get stronger.

Negativity knocked me time after time…but I am a resilient woman.

I lie on my bed exhausted after a long day … but my mind refuses to slow down breaking the speed limit of a tired soul. I now have to quickly adjust the speed of my thoughts bringing it under my control.

Sometimes I feel broken and misused … then I remembered it was the morning of my test.

Aha Moment:

Whatever is in your box of assorted chocolates be assured that there’s a reason they are there. They were originally yours anyways.

We are all simply trying to be BETTER than the person we were YESTERDAY.


Home is where we were taught to develop our minds in the right way. We were taught to be wise, accept correction, learn to do what is right, and to be honest and fair. We gained understanding and learned to solve difficult problems.

We also learned that bad friends will ruin good habits. Our parents instilled a fear in us when they said to us – Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. That was enough for us to carefully handpick our friends.

Now that we are adults, hopefully we have found the truth in what our parents have been forewarning us about – our friends are a true reflection of us.

A friend is someone we choose to spend a great deal of time with. They have a great influence on the way we think, the way we speak, the way we conduct ourselves, and the views we have on the issues of life.

The truth of the matter is, we are only as good as the company we keep.

When you are strong and confident…you never apologize for having high standards. Friends who honestly want to be part of your life will rise up to meet them.

We teach our friends how to treat us. So, it’s important not to lose our voice.

Good friends aren’t just close friends, they must also be wise friends.

Friends will inspire you or they will drain you – so pick them wisely.

Life is About Choices

We make a choice to wake up before dawn or to sleep in late. We make a choice to retire early or retire late. We make a choice to consume alcohol or to refrain from it…but, every day we make choices. Some consciously and some unconsciously.

Whatever our choices maybe, it’s guaranteed that some we will be proud of…some we will regret. But let it be known that we cannot escape or avoid the consequences of every choice we either have made or will be making today or tomorrow.

I’ve found life to be much simpler than we think. I believe that life gets complicated whenever we choose to walk in rebellion.

Here are a few of my favorite and easiest ways to minimize bad choices taken from the King who asked God for wisdomKing Solomon:

Fools believe every word they hear, but the wise person think carefully about EVERYTHING

A quick tempered person does stupid things, smart people are thoughtful and far-sighted

A wise woman builds her house, while a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands

Stay away from fools, there’s nothing they can teach us

♡ Fines are needed to make fools obey the law, but good people are happy to obey it

An evil person’s house will be destroyed, but a good person’s family will do well

Some people think they are doing right, but what they are doing will really kill them

A mean person gets paid back in meanness, but a good man will be satisfied with his ways