We Can Do This!

Did you hear it’s FRIDAY? Its time to get our funny bone up and kicking. Let’s LIVE! Let’s LOVE! Let’s LAUGH!

To all the people that made us laugh and smile this week – don’t forget to thank them.

Never waste one day looking back and regretting anything. It’s time to make the most of today.


The Audacity of TRUST

When we become overwhelmed with troubling issues the struggle to wait on God becomes unbearable making us nervous as we wait for the outcome. Doubt and fear create anxiety. Anxiety brings about uncertainty. Uncertainty makes you lose hope.

Have you ever expected God to answer in the affirmative and as your self-imposed deadline approaches suddenly out of nowhere a wave of disappointments catapult you into the roughest place of your life? Who do you turn to for guidance when it looks like your world just came crashing down before your eyes?

Suggestion #1: Do not take advice from anyone who do not have to live with the consequences of turning your heart away from God and looking to a person for help. When your back is against the wall it can be tempting to make two golden calves (substitute for God) to replace your faith in an invisible God. Pause for a moment! Listen to your inner voice! Then turn around and say loudly, ‘I will wait on God!’

Suggestion #2: Some prayers requires a level of trust for maturity in God to grow. A toddler is left at the daycare and he or she is afraid that Mommy or Daddy will not return for them. Everyday toddler throws a tantrum until he or she is convinced that Mommy or Daddy has not forgotten them. Now toddler is dropped off and there are no more tears but kisses, hugs, a big broad smile, and waves of excitement. Some prayers require a level of trust for maturity in God to grow. It gets better with each test.

Suggestion #3: Sometimes we are praying about a son, daughter, husband, friend, sister , or neighbor and just like that in God’s style – He teaches you how to blossom where you are planted without the evidence of things changing in the lives of those you are praying about. Lesson – prayers are answered in many ways apart from how you anticipated the outcome. Sometimes, God wants to work on us more than those we are praying for.

When God is your shepherd you do not need a thing. You may WANT, but never NEED a thing. Sheep do not look after the shepherd. The shepherd looks after the sheep. He gives you everything that is needed for today. God will hide you during the uncertainty long enough for you to catch your breath and send you in the right direction.

When you trust Him – He will walk with you making you feel secure. He reminds you 365 times every year ‘Do not to be afraid.’ Fear is not an attribute of God.

Every time you resist acting in fear, you are rewiring your brain to be calmer by the minute and to trust God in the midst of uncertainty. He is a realistic God who remembers you are human, and He knows where the bumps and patches are along the way. We make elaborate plans, forgetting that God has the last say – so let courage arise and keep relying on God.

Let’s see what happens if you and I don’t give up. Our strength goes when we think we cannot go on. God cannot fail but our self-imposed restrictions can get tricky. Run far away from ungodly counsel. One lone advisor doesn’t qualify. This is where we can go wrong.

Thought for Today: The devil doesn’t care if you go to church or read your Bible, as long as you don’t apply it to your life.  

When LOVE goes Wrong

Celebrities staying married appears to be more a big deal than celebrities getting married these days. Some people are surprised when they hear the couple next door have been happily married for decades.

Today we will look at King Solomon the wisest man who ever lived. Solomon once had God’s ears and heart and God granted him incredible wealth, wisdom, and exceedingly great understanding like no other human.

But sex and Solomon’s appetite for strange women bought him to disgrace despite his father’s warning. Solomon had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines, and his wives turned his heart away from God. (1Kings 11:3)

Love can go wrong. The LORD became angry after appearing to Solomon twice warning him that he should not worship other gods. God eventually stripped Solomon of his power.

How unfortunate it is to be stripped of everything that once made you famous because of your rebellion. The choices we make have lasting effects on us and many generations after us.

Lust, greed, and sex never end on a ‘happily ever after’ note.

This serves as a serious warning – ‘Can two people walk hand in hand if they aren’t going to the same place?’ Love can go wrong. No two individuals who decide to walk together can enjoy a healthy relationship with separate agendas.

It is not the carriage on the wedding day, but it is where the carriage is taking you. The horse and buggy can only have one destination. It takes respect, trust, agreement, friendship, and faith in God to make a relationship work.

If we find it difficult to be loyal to God – we will struggle with loyalty to each other. Be not fooled – evil communications corrupt good manners. Many times, bad behavior is passed off as jokes and at the end of the day we progressively lose our love and respect for God and others.

Ziona was featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! He has the world’s largest family and lives in Baktwang, India. Ziona Chana has ninety-four (94) children by thirty-nine (39) different wives. Mr Chana, who has said he is a “lucky man”, lives in a 100-room, four-story home with another fourteen (14) daughters-in-law and thirty-three (33) grandchildren.

I wonder what advise will Ziona at age 74 have to give to finding true love? If love does not dishonor others but walks by your side and snuggles on the couch together – why did it take Ziona  thirty-nine (39) human hearts to bring his love game on? How lucky does he really feel as he looks back at his life’s story as he slowly fades into the sunset where everyone must go?

Here is another shocker – a Baptist minister who resided in Blythe, California was famous for holding the record for the largest number of monogamous marriages twenty-nine (29). His shortest marriage lasted nineteen (19) days, and his longest lasted eleven (11) years. Really! So many broken human hearts left shattered by one man’s greed, lust, and insensitivity. Can this be Love?

Too. Much. Ego. If walls could talk – the stories will be excruciatingly painful to listen to. One thing remains true – God can put any broken heart back together right in front of the person who broke it.

‘They did not leave your life. I moved them.’ Signed – GOD

Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts. ‘The devil wants you to pay attention to your feelings, Jesus want you to pay attention to His truth.’ His truth is – if you take time to pray, God will take time to listen and you will be happy again.

Flaws and All

Learn from your shortcomings.

As adults we are aware that life comes with road bumps, potholes, road closures, and all the other little irritants that awaits us from day to day as we travel through life. No one escapes the hazards of life that too many times leave us shattered into irreparable pieces without God’s grace and mercy.

Thank God there are ‘Mercy Rest’ stops strategically placed along the highway for tired travellers to take a rest and do some self restoration.

If you try to ignore the warning bells of self renewal you will eventually run off the road and crash before getting to your destination. Using the ‘Mercy Rest’ stops help you to do some much-needed evaluation. Life is not a race but a journey.

Each level of life calls for an assessment. Taking care of your emotional health is wisdom.

You may feel like you are losing the will power of protecting yourself from the blind spots of life but do not count yourself out just yet – there are ‘Mercy Rest’ stops at every intersection  of life. A lot can change when you see how far you have come from with the help of God.

Sure, we all have made mistakes, experienced disappointments, and recovered from failures. Once your heart is ticking you will continue to succeed if you stay focus on the road ahead.

The little nuisances, the road bumps, the potholes, road closures are all part of God’s plan to mold you and shape you into the person you were destined to become. God sees you with all your shortcomings and strategically mastermind your comeback.

God loves you excessively. At the ‘Mercy Rest’ stop God gives you a clean image while learning how to maneuver the road bumps, potholes, and road closures in your life. Those who learn to rest in God will skillfully carry weighty stuff on eagle’s wings.

Be done complaining about the frustrations of life. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about. From now on – God is the One who answers and satisfies you. You will feel like you are driving a luxurious car where you have mastered the art of driving around obstacles placed on the roadway.  

 If you want to live well, make sure you understand all of this – shortcomings are not the end of your life. It’s a master design waiting to be revealed before the entire world. Stop stumbling and tripping over your past. God is not distracted by your past. He is bigger than your past – He is ready to take you into the future.

If you build a wall, you will invite peace stealers who take pleasure spying out your terrain. A cheerful outlook on life is good for your health. Gloom and doom leave your bones tired. “In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

The Good News: Put your trust in God; only He can do what is best for you. Admit you need God. Be willing to move on with God. Believe that nothing takes God by surprise. He sees you at your worse and still think of His master plan.


SOS stands for Save Our Souls. It is used as a distress code to signal danger. The code signals that a person is in danger and needs immediate help.

As human beings it is nice to take a personal interest in doing the best we can to respect and help others who finds themselves in hardship.

Someone once said – ‘You never know when your First Aid skills will come in handy. Carry some bandages and band aids always, you never know when you might need them.’

Some people come into our lives with old wounds that may not have been fully healed and at the slightest word spoken they can bleed.

Showing empathy, compassion, and care allows those hurting to approach you if or when they need care or just a listening ear.Whatever may cause the wound to bleed again – be thankful you can lend an ear and/or your voice.

If you never knew what it felt like to live without a supporting team use your imagination and not your judgement. Reach out and be the shoulder someone can safely and confidently lean on.

The pain of an open wound needs your empathy and compassion to bring about an emotional healing.Life is not a competition between those who live in a peaceful environment and those who live in a war zone.

Life was not designed in a way for anyone to walk alone. You do not sidestep others because life has been kind to you – someone needs you. Your house may not be burning but your neighbor’s house may be smoking.

It is beautiful when you have been given an opportunity to walk alongside someone who is bleeding from unhealed wounds. No one is looking for handouts but a hand to hold in times of need making each one stronger.

If you can overlook your own shortcomings and wrong doings, you ought to overlook the shortcomings of others.

Strong people fight for the good of others. They pick up the wounded and run with them on their shoulders. When you help others, you leave them better than you met them.

The bleeding cannot be stopped without having someone that can be trusted and extending a loving hand. When you make yourself available and vulnerable to others God can use you to bring healing to the wounded.

Whatever you do – do it with humility and God will be pleased. Relationships are important.

The most painful relationship is when someone cannot love, honor, or support another person publicly because of what they have spoken behind the person’s back.

Be nice to people on your way up because you might meet them again on your way back down. ‘A hero is one who heals their own wounds and then shows others how to do the same.’ Yung Pueblo

The lesson of the Good Samaritan bible story is that everyone, even those normally considered unworthy, is your neighbor. The Samaritan showed empathy, compassion, and care to a person who would normally be looked down on and don’t deserve to be part of the circle.

You never know when your First Aid skills will come in handy so carry some bandages and band aids. You never know when you might need them.

Be kind, but not weak. Be confident, but not arrogant.

You are NOT a Rag Doll

A rag doll is a doll made from cloth which was popular when my girls were little.  Raggedy Ann had a large round face, red circles on her cheeks, and hair made from pieces of red wool. Her hands and legs will go limp when picked up. Its baffling how a beautiful doll can endure the horrible treatment of a toddler (teardrops stains, literally dragged all around the house, playground, and placed on the grocery carts) without getting separated from its little owner.

If you have never once questioned your parenting abilities, you have earned my deepest respect. For most parents we are our biggest critics. The Book of Proverbs say – ‘A wise child makes his or her father happy, but a foolish ( I prefer the word irresponsible – it’s softer) child is a grief to his mother.’

As parents we take pride in bragging about our children and the great choices they are making and rightfully so. The pride and joy of a father is seen on his face as he tells everyone about his child’s achievements. The reason the father is glad is because his son or daughter is wise.

But the scripture did not stop there – it went on speaking about a foolish child bringing grief to the mother. Mama bears the grief when her child has failed in making good choices. Mama’s grief is a deep sorrow that feels like a great loss coupled with loneliness. Mama’s grief often feels like a rag doll where her hands and legs go limp as her need to be picked up becomes crucial.

A mother’s reaction to a child failing at life is ten times more intense than a father. Mothers become pretty much inconsolable until her child gets back on the right side of life.  I am not even sure that neither a child nor a father can understand how deeply a mother grieves for her children.

As mothers, our children’s choices will affect our own lives. But with the grieving you can agree to allow the Lord to use it to inspire you to continue praying until your child returns to his or her right senses. Do not quit praying because God knew long before anyone of us were born that a foolish child brings grief to the mother as seen in Proverbs 10:1. If God brings you to it, He will take you through it.

Mothers, I have news for you – You were not meant to live life as a limp rag doll. You cannot allow your love for your child and your tangled emotions to drag you around like a rag doll. The only person you have control over is you. Satan waits until you become weak and vulnerable to attack your mind with things that are completely outside of your control.

God is excited when mothers begin to see the good side of the bad things happening to us. It has nothing to do with our emotions. We might feel the disappointment or even become angered over our what we see or know but it is about trusting God.

God wants us to respond to the hard things in our lives—in a way that shows our trust in Him.

Do not be a rag doll when it comes to making up your mind to release your children in God’s care. The only way out is to trust and obey God.