Friday Dance

Congratulations to everyone for doing the best they can to jump over the hurdles and leap over the walls. God is amazing ! We did it!

Time to do victory dance. It’s FRIDAY! Time to laugh!

Don’t forget to laugh again, it’s good for your soul.

Thanks for being a huge part of my journey. Love to all and to all have a fabulous weekend. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones. Life is short. Live each day with limited regrets.

See you on Monday when I get to share my thoughts with you again.

Three Powerful Words

How many times do you say or hear I love you in one day? Can the phrase I love you be an overused catch phrase? A couple nights ago while my husband and I were texting each other  back and forth as he boarded a plane, I was amused to read how many times we said I love you to each other. Each time he taught the doors were closing and takeoff was evident he wrote I love you and I responded I love you more like at least seven times until the messaging discontinued.

If anyone confesses to love you but doesn’t show it in obvious ways it just simple words. What if the entire world was blind and we couldn’t see each other eyes, names on the phone, colour of hair, or the smile on each other’s face – will love still be a strong feeling? What if one partner fell into a coma or lost a limb or got into a car accident disfiguring their face will those three powerful words ‘I love you’ be said forever?

I love you means that we don’t expect perfection from each other, but  because we love each other we will stay loyal even through the worst times. Loving each other when you are not in the greatest mood yet choosing to still hold hands walking side by side is maturity. I love you should never be said out of habit or to simply make a conversation.

Even if you own everything that life can afford, and you don’t love your spouse it profits you nothing. Love is patient and kind. Love is never jealous. Both are secured and confident in who they are as a person and more so when they are together. Saying I love you does not mean that we will always agree or see eye to eye but it means no one is going anywhere.

I love you means despite the bad times our love remains the same. There’s no perfect relationship but true love holds on to each other never letting go. I love you are three little powerful words that can survive the armed forces of the outside world. Love is teamwork and you work it to keep the team together.

Love is for adults who have put a deliberate stop to childish behavior. Saying I love you requires faith, hope and love. And the greatest is love. Never say I love you out of habit or to make a conversation it must be real and felt.

Finally, someone said, “A strong marriage requires two persons who choose to love each other even when they struggle to like each other.” A great marriage is choosing to fight for each other. There’s no fear in love.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a huge number of wrongs.




Don’t Draw a Sword to Kill a Fly

Yesterday we spoke about making sure everybody in our boat is rowing and not drilling holes when are we not looking. We learned that we must choose our battles. Those who are drilling holes while we are not looking have a place in our story. Our present situation is not our final destination. The best chapters are the ones of survival, and we wouldn’t know how to survive if our ‘boat’ didn’t have holes.

Well today we are going to learn secrets on handling people who pretend to be kind and nice but, they spread hurtful stuff behind our backs. How would you react if you found out that someone in your inner circle was speaking unkind things about a painful situation in your life?

The Bible tells us that Job’s three friends accused him that his suffering was a punishment for sin, because God will cause no one to suffer innocently, and they advised him to repent and seek God’s mercy. Job’s three so-called friends came to comfort Job, but they ended up accusing him instead of encouraging him.

Most of us have had close acquaintances who came to comfort said some good things but behind your back said something totally opposite to others? Here’s what God told Job’s friends to do. God said they must go and ask Job to pray for them he will accept Job’s prayer and not deal with them according to their ignorance.

People need forgiveness despite how we feel about their actions. They may never ask for forgiveness but it’s pleasing to God that you pray for them. Your relationship with God is worth everything. Hurting people hurt others. Caring people see the best in people but don’t expect others to always be at their best.

Doing it God’s way is always the best way. Say a prayer for those who hurt you. Everyone is fighting a battle that no one knows about. The Bible says that when Job prayed for his three friends everything changed for Job himself. “The LORD restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends.” Job had to forgive his friends, pray for them and not only was their friendship restored but everything he lost was restored in abundance.

God responds positively to our prayers for those who have offended us. He doesn’t respond to revenge. God is a God of restoration and relationship. When you pray for those who have betrayed you God strengthens you in every way. He raises you up so you can stand on mountains and walk on stormy seas.

The Lord’s prayer says, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.” We need forgiveness and we need to forgive others. Our betrayers and offenders also need God’s forgiveness. God does not deal with us according to our ignorance. There are people’s prayers that may not be accepted for reasons we may never know so let’s pray for each other and extend grace in the hour of their personal need.

Every day we have an allotted number of waking hours so let’s not fight battles that don’t matter. Someone said, “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” Let’s choose to walk with integrity and live with limited regrets.

The Pain of Betrayal

Sometimes lessons in life can be hard to accept. You tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt hoping you were wrong. Gossip is painful to deal with when you discover that the source originated from a person in your inner circle. Rumor is like playing the telephone game where a message can be changed every time it is shared from person to person in a fairly short time.

It’s hard to protect yourself from people who talk about others while hiding so much about themselves. Betrayal/backbiting/gossip leaves wounds that are very difficult to recover without leaving pieces of yourself splattered across the isles. The quote – ‘Make sure everybody in your “boat” is rowing and not drilling holes when you are not looking” is a warning to the wise that those close to you could be doing you the most disservice.

It’s hard to believe that anyone in your circle could be working against you but it happens. There are people who pretend to be with you and for you, but they are drilling holes when you are not looking. Not everyone but some – and you will know who they are if you are wise.

Jesus was betrayed by Judas. He included Judas as one of his twelve closest friends being fully mindful that the ending was going to be a long lonely road to betrayal. Jesus without a doubt loved Judas and I’m kind of confident that his heart may have been broken as he came to term with the reality that Judas had already sold him out for personal gain

It’s reassuring to read how Jesus reacted to Judas. The Bible says that he instructed Judas to do whatever he had set his mind to do. Jesus did not throw a fit like how I would have responded, nor did he try to stop Judas. Matthew26:50 says, Jesus responded by saying “FRIEND, do what you are here to do.” Judas kisses Jesus and immediately Jesus was arrested.

It’s very easy to become preoccupied on the one or two persons who maybe digging holes in your ‘boat’ while losing sight of where you are heading. No one has the power to change your God-given destiny but you. There will always be someone to distract and discredit you, it’s LIFE. Treat them with kindness, limit the interactions and leave them wondering how you kept rowing.

Change your perspective and increase the speed of the ‘boat’. Don’t allow anyone to keep you angry. I’ve had unforgettable moments in my life where I was forced to stop caring about other people’s dysfunctions and simply exhale and say out loud to myself, ‘Girl, you’ve prayed for this new wave and it’s actually happening now.’

The truth be told – serving Jesus is the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. He is my storm whisperer. He either speaks to the external storm or he speaks to the storm in me.  If you have been betrayed by someone close – and eventually we all will—our first response should be to cry out to Jesus who loves us, pursues us, and intimately understands the reality of that betrayal.

Choose your battles. Those who are drilling holes while you are not looking have a part in your story. Your present situation is not your final destination. The best chapters are the ones of survival. You wouldn’t know how to survive if your ‘boat’ didn’t have holes.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

Forget it being FRIDAY. LOVE IS IN THE AIR. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love doesn’t boast. Love is never hostile. Love protects. Love speaks in many languages but feels the same way.

Talk about everything. Be faithful. Make time for each other. Having arguments are normal. A person who truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how difficult the road maybe. Love doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be loyal.

Time to laugh and don’t forget to share a smile and make another person’s day ♥️


Pass the L♥️VE ALONG ♥️

In Pursuit of TODAY

Today is the day before tomorrow. It’s now. It’s this very day.

Tomorrow is the day after today. It’s in the future. It’s closer than the day after tomorrow.

Whatever you do today will determine if you will be happy, fulfilled, arrive at your destination, or if you will be making excuses once again. Don’t settle to do things tomorrow what needs to be done today. It doesn’t matter what others are doing today, it only matters what you are doing today.

I remember one of my daughters painstakingly scrap-booking her firstborn’s first year. In this not very simple scrapbook was the day the baby arrived home from the hospital, the first smile, rolling over, first tooth, first step, pictures and pictures of the baby, and lots of memorabilia. What made it special was the tomorrows when the family would sit flipping through the pages with bursts of ‘Oohs and Aahs’ as we recall the memories of their first child, our first grandchild and nephew to my other girls.

What my daughter did everyday created memories for the family’s tomorrows that lived on as her firstborn grew into a fine young man with a healthy outlook on life. My grandson’s future isn’t hard to predict because he grew up in a healthy loving home with extended family members who raised the bar higher for him from our own experiences. 

No one’s future is hard to predict. Simply observe where their priorities lie, and the consequences are sure to follow. Robert Zink says, “Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your future.” 

Being busy doesn’t say a lot. How many of us are sometimes very busy and at the end of the day we are exhausted but with little to show for all the effort we put into today? Without a specific goal or plan for each day we could be pretty busy running around in circles. It’s like a plane soaring into the clear blue sky without a destination. It burns a lot of fuel, carries a full load of passengers without tickets heading to a place call ‘Nowhere Specific.’

Whatever you do today make sure it’s grabbing your attention. IF it wouldn’t stop nagging you then you know you have found your passion. When you are passionate, it motivates you even though you may have many urgent things on your to-do-list. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing today, you will never reach where you want to be tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes you must NOT feel like you have wasted today. Whatever you do today make sure it’s making you into the person you are dreaming of becoming tomorrow. I don’t want to be where I was last year, it’s no fun being stuck in a hollow container looking up at the sky. If you want to relax and enjoy life do something today that you absolutely love.

Mark Twain said, ‘The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

Let’s start celebrating every birthday living in the moments of the whys. Find out what inspires you and get up every morning ready to start the day. Some days there are more distractions than other days …  but inspiration plus perspiration plus passion plus determination will make your tomorrow look positively radiant.



Overlooked to Overbooked

Everyone in the world is like one gigantic puzzle with trillions of pieces creating the human race. I hear it all the time people walking up to me and saying to me, ‘You look like someone I know but I can’t remember where I’ve met you.’ I’m sure I have a  few look-alike apart from my siblings somewhere in the world, but I know for a fact they can’t be me and I can’t be them.

We are like many pieces of a puzzle with one gigantic picture which sometimes get tricky to put together. Trying to force wrong pieces into spaces where you prefer to be can create frustration and increase your stress levels. Missing pieces cannot be replaced as we only get one chance at fitting into the frame of humanity. So, the worst thing you can do is to go missing. You are an important piece in the framework of humanity.

To fit we must get rid of the box in our mind keeping only the picture of the puzzle. Knowing who you are whether you are the square piece, round piece, rectangular piece, the edge piece that has one side that is either curved or straight, or the corner piece is crucial to finding your fit.

No one person can be the whole picture so stop glancing at the people around you because their piece may not fit together with yours. We are one gigantic puzzle with trillions of pieces creating a unique picture of humanity.

How many times have we all tried to fit into other people’s spaces without realizing that forcing round pieces into square spaces lead to frustration and stressful situations? If you are not finding a comfortable fit, you must think of better problem-solving techniques as you are definitely not a mistake.

There’s simply no room for ill-fitting pieces so work it until you solve it. You were created to fit into the puzzle. There’s a space for you without forcing yourself into someone else’s space. You will never be happy if you are a corner piece trying to fit into the center of the picture.

Relationships get complicated because a corner piece is trying to fit into the center without realizing that we are all different pieces. We are all unique and overcoming the challenges of trying to fit into someone else’s space will position you to be the cutting edge.

Since we all have a unique shape to fit into one gigantic puzzle, duplicating, imitating, envying, withholding information, reduction of size, or increasing size will make you a misfit and useless. It will take another imaginary lifetime to find where you fit in. GOD was the mastermind behind this gigantic human puzzle with trillions of pieces all fitting together making a stunning showpiece.  

Our original piece was stamped by God, and I’m sure it said, ‘APPROVED’ on our birth documents. God is NOT into the cloning or duplication business. Your square, round, rectangular, edge, or center piece was approved long before you knew that you were part of a bigger picture.

It’s time to work your piece of the puzzle. Do it then thank yourself for not giving in or giving up. Your power comes from believing in yourself. There are no misfits or missing pieces. We are a work of art in the master’s hand. Going from overlooked to overbooked.