We Would Laugh Again

There’s purpose in our struggles. Everything and everyone that ever tried to stop us from moving forward, God will actually use any means necessary to move us ahead with greater purpose.

Don’t be afraid when others plan evil against you, God will use those same plans for your good. Easy now… you will have nothing to fear. You will laugh again.

If Daniel wasn’t thrown into the lions den, he may not have known whether God could actually close the mouths of the lions.

There are times when we are thrown into some really difficult situations and it looks like there’s no way we are coming out alive. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. The trouble you are in should not be looked at as punishment.

At the appointed time God will turn things in our favor. Now, we see everything through a glass with an imperfect vision …but one day it will make a lot more sense.

One thing is true – our thoughts determine how we stand. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfectly fine…it means that you have a new chapter to write and you will not allow your current situation to determine your next level.

Someone once said, “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.”

Everything you’ve been through will make you stronger. It’s working in your favor. You were born a WINNER.

God will say, “Love everyone, no matter how much they have hurt you. Because everyone is fighting their own insecurities so never stop praying for the best for everyone.”

And then God clothed us with strength and dignity…and we will laugh at the days to come.

The Tree With Strong Roots Do Not Fear The Storm

We can trust God to put every piece of our lives together. Growing up in a large family was absolutely the MOST memorable experience in my life… especially when 99% of my siblings were older than me. 😊

I looked forward to going on evening walks with my Mom and my siblings as there were many teaching moments as we slowly walked through the neighborhood.

My Mom was our first teacher in every way…she did not leave that responsibility to anyone else. She was a wise, god-fearing woman who learned from her Mother. She never missed an opportunity to teach us…the third generation of our godly legacy.

My Mom talked about everything. She played an active role in our upbringing. She talked to us when we were sitting at home, walking the streets, she talked with us from the time we got up in the morning, when we got home from school, and when it was bedtime.

Her voice was the first and last thing we heard every day. She kept abreast with all that was happening in our lives and knew how to pray for us through the different stages.

She knew the intricacies of raising a large family which we as children were completely oblivious to…thanks to her godly wisdom.

Growing up we ate all our meals together, attended the same schools, learned the same principles of life ….and yet there were no guarantee that some of her children will get through life running through red lights, ending up as casualties …and becoming survivors.

All families have dysfunctions but my Mom handled our dysfunctions like a skilled architect who designed and supervised her family aiming for well rounded healthy adults.

My Mom most certainly had her large share of disappointments and discouragement as she watched her kids maneuver their way into adulthood.

Imagine if my Mom was here what would she say: “Hi, my name is Bernice Ruth. By an act of faith I blessed each of my children. Blessing them with God’s blessing, not my own.

I died not yet seeing what God had promised to do in my children’s lives, but I still believed. I taught my children to turn disadvantages into opportunities.

I taught them to win battles that were designed to destroy their confidence. We had stories that will place us in the House of Shame but the LORD stood with us and gave us strength.

Our pain was our learning curve…but we didn’t go quiet in our faith. I fought a good fight and I passed on the torch from my Mother to the next generation.”



That precious memory triggered the rich faith that was handed down from my grandmother Dorothy to my mother Bernice Ruth then to me, and now to my children!

Jesus said that Satan has demanded the right to test each one of us, but He has prayed that our faith will be strong. And when we have come back to God, we must strengthen others.

I thank God for my praying Grandmother and my Mother.

The Wrong Target

It’s Monday morning and as reasonably thinking adults let’s make a plan to radically change the way we target our source of vexation, that thorn in our side, and that person who continually pushes us to the edge.

ATTENTION – The fights we have with our children, our ex-friend, ex-spouse, our spouses, our haters, or any other family member are distractions from whom the real target is.

2019 we must make some big changes if we want to compete with the person in the mirror. Old ways won’t open new doors.

The fights we recorded, rehearsed, or won in the past were bang on. The only problem is, we were hitting the wrong target.

We targeted humans ….but the fights were against powerful evil, demonic forces that roamed around disguising themselves inside human bodies.

This explains why the fights turned ugly leaving trails of tremendous anger, remorse, bitterness, hatred, painful memories and un-forgiveness dumped along the way.

The derogatory behavior erected walls instead of building bridges. Meanwhile we were hitting the wrong targets.

It was all a setup for a break up carefully orchestrated by demonic forces operating in human bodies.

We can’t fight evil with evil…everyone will end up wounded, divorced, estranged, lonely, suicidal ..and the devil and his demons run away laughing as Hell becomes overpopulated with people who decided to take revenge.

God never intended for us to fight our own battles, because the fight is against forces and rulers of darkness in the spiritual world…things we can’t see with our human eyes.

It’s spirit vs. spirit. Allow God to go to war on your behalf. Let it GO! It’s bigger than you and I.


The real enemy is Satan and his evil forces…not your children, exes, spouses, or any other human being.

Many of the generations before have died in the battles, and never won the war.

Showing up to every argument that you’re invited to will leave you shattered and hateful.

Newsflash – HEAVEN RULES and God has publicly snatched back the keys to Hell thousands of years ago through the tears, sweat, and blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It’s time to get smart and reclaim your peace. IT IS FINISHED!

Thank God for our praying ancestors …and if we didn’t have them in our family history…we have the opportunity to become prayer warriors for our generation and those after them as the struggles never stops.

Heaven runs things on the earth that’s why we need a Savior. There’s only room for one King and His Name is JESUS.

Kudos to all who will fearlessly make a choice to RESIST the urge to intentionally punish others because they have done us wrong. Reclaim your peace!

We will remain confident of this – “We will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

God can turn things around without your help….and He will turn it around in your favor.

Pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers. And we will hold our peace.


Life doesn’t get any more difficult than when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

There are times when we have to choose between two equally unpleasant situations and you wished that you knew how to keep it together because it’s draining the life out of you.

Let’s just say “Life Happens”….and the truth is, no one is forewarned.

I’ve convinced myself that every experience I have had and will ever have was first approved by God…and every person in my life has a purpose and a God-ordained plan whether I like it or not.

When we are over our head, God promises to be there with us. It’s a promise we can hold God to.

When we feel drained and on the brink of giving up…it’s great idea to tie a knot at the end of the rope and know that God uses all our experiences to create a longer rope.

When we have done everything we can possibly do …step back and allow God to take control.

NOTHING absolutely NOTHING takes God by surprise.

It’s a good reminder to know that we will never be able to control every situation and the outcome, but we can pray and let it go.

When we are in rough waters, God promises we will not go down. When we are between a rock and a hard place, God promises it would not be a dead end.

When we make God our personal God – He will build a road right through the rock and the hard place.

Forget what has happened. God is about to do something brand new.


Roadside Assistance?

According to Goggle – Roadside assistance is a service that assist motorists, or bicyclists, whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure that leaves the operator stranded.

Most of us have experienced some form of emotional trauma that left us troubled, perplexed, and stranded like a broken down vehicle that required roadside assistance.

And the scariest moments came in the 3am timezone while lying wide eyed in bed.

You know those thoughts that torment, and mock, and laugh at you after you had a bad day. Those are the creepy times when we need urgent bedside assistance.

Who is up that you can call that time of the morning? Who can bring about a permanent resolution to those wacky uncontrolled thoughts? Who can you trust to carry the weight on your shoulders? Who will hold your hand until the storms of thoughts have passed?

After doing some reflections I’ve come to the conclusion that all our anxieties, fears, tears, and sleepless nights came about because we mortal beings set our stopwatch to the time we want to give God to respond to our cries.

When the time elapses our heart grows faint and our fears turns to doubts. Then there’s a crash sending us spellbound into overthinking creating a chain reaction where we desperately try to solve everything before sunrise.

Like roadside assistance designed for vehicles… we too have a manufacturer policy that gives us the lifetime option to call on JESUS when we are in trouble.

  • Towing…”My strength is gone God. I am exhausted.”
  • Battery service…”My heart is crushed and I can’t go on any longer.”
  • Flat tire…”I’ve been betrayed and hurt God”
  • Fuel delivery…”There’s nothing worth living for.”
  • Lockout service…”God, my parents and family members have deserted me.”
  • Collision assistance…”Lord, I’m left alone to die. Nobody cares.”

To remain in the race of life..we all have to choose whether we will agree to bedside/roadside assistance or simply park up and die.

It’s a personal choice that must be made by the operator of our human machine.

God is a safe and reliable friend to call for help. He stands ready and willing to help when we find ourselves hanging off the cliff-edge of life.

God protects us from the fierce fights of discouragements and depression by suggesting that we keep our mind/thoughts stayed on His promises.

God is at our service from the crack of dawn to going down of the sunset to the rising of the sun the next day until death do us part.

If God calls the stars, the moon, and the sun all by their names …guaranteed He knows our names.

24 hours Roadside and Bedside Assistance is available to all who call.

When things look impossible that’s when God shows up. He shows up and He shows off His rescue plan…and it’s visible for the whole world to witness.

It’s so sweet to trust in Jesus…just to take Him at His Word…just to rest on His promises…just to know God said it and it came to pass.

Keep trusting His timing.

Understanding The Seasons of Life

In both happy and difficult times God is with us. When you are happy, enjoy it. When you are sad, know it will soon pass.

Yes, we take great pride in the happy times more than we appreciate the difficult times but it’s important to note that neither will last forever. Seasons come and seasons go.

Whatever season you maybe in, know that nothing is permanent.

There’s so much wisdom to gain to gain in every season.

There are 12 months in the year and 4 different seasons. Every season lasts for approximately 3 months. Sometimes the most difficult season which is usually Winter stays with us a little longer…but note well… it does come to an end.

Winter season is cold. The temperature drops quickly and it’s a bit intense. The days get shorter and by early evening it dark and gloomy. It snows when you least expect it. Trees and plants show no evidence that they are alive.

Let’s apply the seasons to our real life experiences.


Be reminded that Winter will come to an end.

You will be sorrowful but your sorrow will turn into joy. A woman gives birth to a child, but when she gives birth, she no longer remembers the pain because her child is born.

Character and Endurance are proof that you didn’t cave in under the weight of the storm.

Spring follows Winter and it comes before Summer…smack in the middle of a difficult season and an exciting season. Trees and plants that lost their leaves during Winter begins to grow and blossom again. What looked dead during Winter shows life during Spring.

The temperature begins to warm up and the days gets longer. It rains a lot in Spring which allows nature to put on a show all by itself revealing splendour and elegance of the once lifeless trees and plants.

Spring marks the end of a bad Winter.


It’s a time to laugh again, it’s time to heal, time to dance, and time to give birth to new things.

God changes seasons and times. He gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding of the seasons in life.

We will be restored to our original beauty with greater possibility for higher heights. You will bloom again!

Summer is the hottest of all the months. It comes after Spring and before Autumn. The days are long and the nights are short. It’s the most loved season of the 12 months. It’s perfect weather for vacations, swimming and barbecues.

The parks and streets are filled with people enjoying this long awaited season. You hear the laughter of children, and family reunions bring back happy memories.

Summer is all about weddings, picnics, meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones, music, laughter and an overload of pure happiness.


In Summer we will be like trees that are firmly planted by the rivers. Our joys will return.

Whatever we do will succeed. God charts our ways and we will be productive in all our endeavors.

The LORD approves the way of those who serve Him. Our best days are now. Enjoy the moment.

Autumn also known as Fall is where the daylight gets shorter and temperatures cool down. The leaves change their colors and starts to fall off the trees. Thanksgiving, harvesting crops and Halloween all happen during Autumn months.


In our Autumn season let’s get our testimonies of God’s faithfulness ready to share with others. Bring out the hot chocolate and gather the family together to share how God safely bought us through the different seasons.

If we don’t teach the kids about the faithfulness of God in all seasons…they will become disenchanted adults.

To everything there is a season….and life repeats itself during the seasons.

Don’t lose heart my friends…it’s just the changing of seasons.

When things get tough, God undergirds us with strength.

Lesson learned “Don’t quit or lose heart in the season you are in.” God answers prayers in every season…and seasons don’t last forever.

Even when the season may be long and gloomy …God is making a way when our backs are against the walls.

We don’t know how… but we know He did it before and He will do it again season after season.

Our prayers are climate friendly. They work in all seasons.

God never stops working in our seasons of distress and grief even when we don’t get the answer we’re looking for – He is unchanging.