My Mother-In-Law

I’m very excited that my mother-in-law will be turning 100 years on September 18, 2016. I continue to marvel at her perfect health (no prescribed medication)  and memory in spite of her difficult younger years. 

She presently lives in a Senior ‘s Home for the last maybe ten years plus. She is the oldest person who resides there, but she dresses herself including putting on her diaper, feeds herself and would not let the nurses bathe her. She hides any money I leave with her when I visit and not even the nurses can find it, which I find very hilarious. She has seen many of her younger companions in the home go on to eternity. 

She couldn’t have afforded a healthy lifestyle like vegetables, exercise, regular visits to the doctors etc in her younger days, but she made it to 99+ plus years. She enjoys a cold glass of Coke and some good tasting homefried chicken from time to time. 

 She never had a family, spouse or children that was close to her. She lived alone for most of her life as my husband was raised single handily by his father. When I got married to her son, I went by to visit her in her own home and from that day on she became our responsibility. I buy her the most beautiful things because she loves nice things. She amuses me with her excitement for nice things, tells me what colour dress and shoes including earrings and handbags to purchase for her when I visit.  I’m grateful to have the privilege of caring for her over the past 42 years. She’s my “Wow person” if there’s something like that. 

Good genes, or luck, or God’s amazing grace …hmmmm…I can’t say but I’m happy she can move off her bed at 99 years without help and enjoy feeding herself a small well prepared meal catered by others.
I don’t know how many years I have again but I try to enjoy the most of every day and find it great joy to help those who are not able to enjoy their days due to unforeseen circumstances.
Live life the way you want to be remembered 🙏🏾

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