As a Mom I have had to deal with strengths, weaknesses, fears and failures that I didn’t even know existed. 

Strengths: The many times I had to stand up and be the voice in letting their teachers know that my child will do Calculus …they have proven their skills and should play on the volleyball team …they will not be labeled or be bullied and they will write this exam and pass. Throughout my years of being a mother, there were countless times when I didn’t understand or know the assignments given but I would sit, encourage and pray  with them until the assignments were handed in. My girls knew that I wasn’t knowledgeable in the work given to them, but they knew I wasn’t going anywhere until the assignments were done. 

Weaknesses: I worry too much. Living with regrets over past actions. Finding a way to forgive myself and let it go.

Fears: I didn’t get this parenting thing right. 

Failures: I failed many times, way too many to mention and I didn’t get it right all the time. 

My Closing Thought:

“When my girls remember their childhood, I want only for them to remember that I gave it my all. I worried way too much. I failed many times and did not always get it right … But I tried my best to teach them the importance of having a relationship with God, the acts of kindness, expressions of love, showing compassion and to be honest.

Even if I had to learn it from my own mistakes, I loved them enough to keep going, even when life knocked me down. I want them to remember me as the Mom who always got back up.”

Parenting is no easy task which we all will discover once we have accepted the role. 

Happy Mother’s Day 2016 👑

2 thoughts on “Parenting 

  1. This post is a blessing and encouragement and I can see my own parenting journey in these words. Your husband and children arise and call you blessed and from my viewpoint, I whisper, “Well done!”

  2. Our #1 cheerleader. You personify greatest and strength mom! You are blessed and highly favoured. #ThankYou #LoveYou

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