We are fearfully and wonderfully made 

It’s mind boggling to imagine the details God painstakingly took to create you and me. Each one is us is uniquely created and our bones were carefully knitted together by this Awesome God. 

God saw our embryos. Our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, height, and race were all pre-determined by God. 

To know that God is familiar with all my ways, keeps me eternally grateful that He still loved me enough to die for me. Nothing I do takes God by surprise, there isn’t one word on my tongue that God doesn’t know already, but His continued love for me surpasses all my earthly possessions. 

So relax. Stay calm. Carry on. What others say about us ….says more about them than us.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting ….legs, thighs, breast and weight are deceitful, but a Woman that fears God is to be praised. 

We were fearfully and wonderfully created. God has a plan for each of us. No one can deter God’s will for our lives but it’s our choices in life that will eventually determine if we walk into our destiny. 
Life is fun when we are happy and contented with our uniqueness. Comparison is a theif to us achieving our greatest potential.

Enjoy your life and thank God for His Amazing Grace. 

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