How I spent Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2016: Well for all of you who thought my day was going to be filled with a great lunch at a restaurant of my choice, extra love, expensive flowers, gifts, going to church and that I would make it to the Mother’s Day Comedy Show at 6 pm tonight …well, let’s just say right now it ain’t going to happen.

This is what real mothers have on their resume. It’s not about all of the above but it’s about dropping all of the above to answer a child that needs you right away. Here’s to another day when you give up all the finest things to answer a call 

#NoTheBabyIsntHereYet #ButImHereByHerSide #NoLunchYet #BreakfastOnTheGo #AnythingForYourChildren #BabyANeedsToWaitForHerDueDate #MothersDay2016 #IAmWritingMyChapters

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