Leaving a Godly Legacy

We all know that parenting is NOT an easy job. In my days there was no Google so we relied only on what wisdom and knowledge we had from generations before us. Today, there’s so much information on the internet about parenting that it leaves little or no room for failures, but yet the crime rates are soaring higher than in the days I grew up.
Every parent desires to give their children more than they had growing up. We send them to extra curriculum activities with the hope they come well rounded. We fill them up with all the material things with the expectation that they will love us. 

So what has gone wrong that our children are so angry, hurt and depressed? 

The answer is: We have failed to give them or teach them about GOD. As a child growing up in my home, my Mom instilled the fear of God in our lives. We never had the luxuries of a financially established home BUT we had a God-fearing mother who did the best she knew how. She taught us on her knees and then on our knees. Now, I can look back and say “She did very well.” Today, I can afford many nice things and travel the world but my greatest possession is MY relationship with my Mother’s God. 

There’s nothing more comforting to a parent than a child that turns out to be wise. 

A wise child is like payment for the years of their upbringing. It’s like credit for those who looked on and thought my Mom was way too strict in restraining us from the ungodly principles of the world. 

When my own girls were little, I recited the verse on the photo to them and reminded them everyday as they became young adults that my greatest joy would be for them to turn out wise. Many times it was a challenge but it never stopped me from either praying or quoting the scripture. 

Today, all four girls are now grown women with families and I STILL PRAY in my secret prayer closet that they will be wise and make my heart glad that I may answer anyone who reproaches me as having failed in my parental duty. 

Parents, material things will not satisfy your kids. They will still end up unhappy and ungrateful to you. The best thing you can give your children is a relationship with God #KeepWritingYourChapters ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

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