Do not remove the Landmarks

2 Chronicles 17:6 “Jeshosophat took pride in the Lord’s ways and again remove the shrines and the sacred poles in Judah.”

We’re living in the days where laws are rapidly changing to accommodate everyone’s lifestyles. The saddest part is: When things go wrong, they blame God and ask how a good God can allow bad things to happen. God is always good but He gives us all choices without forcing His Will on our lives. When people choose not to include God in their decisions, then consequences are a must. 

It can be extremely intimidating to stand up and take pride in the things of God outside of the church environment. Everybody wants to be accepted , loved and cool, so we choose to be politically correct.

It’s easy and comfortable to speak up loud on things that are approved by the world. Which party we got invited to, our jobs, the latest device we purchased, our children etc …But, when it calls for Christians to take pride in the ways of the Lord, we go ‘cold turkey’ and remain silent for fear of being ridiculed and unloved. 

Here are two extreme examples of the testing of our faith: Peter denied Jesus three times because the entire city was against Jesus and he got scared for his life. Jehoshaphat took pride in the ways of the Lord and bodily removed the shrines and the sacred poles from Judah. 

We are in the times when we will be called out to take a stand for what we believe. We shout out all the cool politically correct things we do but we become reserved on our faith and what we stand for.

Stand up for what you believe in. Say it loud. State it clear who’s side you are leaning on…

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