Anxiety Vs Worry

Lessons from my life’s experiences that I have personally learnt about dealing with anxiety and worry:

1. There’s always something to worry or become anxious about. 2. There is a daily and hourly battle for our thoughts/mind. 3. The weakest and unknowing ones loses their minds. 4. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. 

When we worry, we know exactly what we are worrying about ….but when we are experiencing anxiety, there is mass confusion of thoughts and it is the devil’s favorite game. 
Worry and anxiety is never something present, it’s always something that has not happen yet. We worry about relationships, children, careers, money, health, old age to name a few.

How to win: The bible tells us we need to place our trust in God. When we trust someone, we don’t worry about what they do. We need to simply trust that God can take care of the things we worry or get anxious about. We need to be always conscious of what we are thinking about.

What are we to think on? Whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if it is happy,  think on these things.  A simple way to confront our anxiety is by writing a list of what we are afraid about…people, events, situation.

We should never downplay anxiety but face it head on with God. When you call out your anxiety before God, you then become a winner and not a loser. You have acknowledged the fact that you are anxious to ‘Someone’ with a higher power who can actually help. Effective Praying (God, I have no one else but You) calms down those anxious thoughts and turns them into praise and dance.

It’s worth a try 🙏🏾

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