It’s only just a Seed? 

Don’t despise small beginnings.

 Our generation today is pretty much a ‘drive through’ generation. If it can’t happen right away then we lose hope that it will ever happen. I must confess that I’m definitely 100% guilty of being part of this ridiculous unrealistic expectation and fake reality.
However, it’s Springtime and I am observing nature taking it course. I love Springtime because the weather is great after coming out of Winter. The days are neither hot or cold. The birds come out and their whistling sounds are loud and happy, it adds music to your ears. The trees that once looked dead begins to bloom again, the beautiful tulips spring up out of dry, cold ground with various colours adding life to earth again.

But what about the seeds you plant during Spring? Have you ever stop to wonder how that poor little seed feels when it is put into the dark, cold, hard ground? Hmmm… I guess we were never a seed.

 ….But somehow we look forward to that same seed springing forth and producing the most amazing bouquets of flower. Florists then sell those same seeds that were sown in dark and extremely cold places, transforming them into gorgeous blooming  bouquets, selling them to happy brides, spouses, children, hotels, hospitals and funeral homes. 

So what’s my point? Don’t be consumed with the dark and cold places you are in right now. Yes, it gets anxious and lonely but it will bloom in its season. Don’t quit because the process is taking long? Don’t compare yourself to others who have already gone through their seedling process and is now reaping the waiting period. 

Starting seeds indoors without a grow light can be discouraging, but hold on … wait it out and in due season you will reap a beautiful thing if you do not faint. It’s only just a seed today but tomorrow it will be sold above the asking price !! 

Springtime is great 🌹🌷🌸🌸🌺💐🌻

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