We all have purpose 

We wouldn’t be alive if God didn’t have purpose for us. It doesn’t matter if you are thirty, fifty, or one hundred. God always have purpose in keeping us alive. We are alive for a greater purpose. I trust it isn’t to just look pretty, have a great career and live in a white picket fenced home. 

Others may not see what God has placed within us, but we know that God kept us alive to fulfil our destiny. Therefore, we should not place too much value on the opinion of others. Our story is valuable to someone else who maybe locked up in a difficult situation. Every experience we have gone through, somebody else is going through it right now. If you care, then share, we all have some thing to give. Share the lessons and allow someone else to pass their test.

Sometimes God unsettle us to move us forward. He knows we wouldn’t move unless our current circumstances force us. It’s important to have a positive reaction to change. When God wants us to grow, He makes us uncomfortable. Change is always scary because there’s a great deal of uncertainty in change. It’s like walking on air with no place to put your feet. That is when our faith and trust in God must be activated. 

Personally, I am awkward and uncomfortable speaking to strangers, but I have had numerous experiences when I see someone in need and offerred to pay, the result was happiness to me and the receiver. I’ve had times when I prayed with a complete stranger in the waiting room of a hospital. It’s scary to approach and offer help to strangers but it’s worth the risk because the result is always phenomenal.  

Sometimes I just have to look up, smile and say, “Yes!! I know that was you God !! Thanks!!” 

We all have purpose. Building healthy relationships with others is important to God, to them and to us. Everybody gets blessed. 

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