Your story is inspiring 

Don’t judge someone’s story by the Chapter you walked in on. Two things no one should ever do: Live in the past and compare yourselves to others. 

Moral: Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20

Praying EVERYONE wins !!!

Everybody loves the feel of success …like your new house, new car and your dream career. We all admire and sometimes idolize successful people….Kadashians, Drake, Beyoncé, Billionaires, to name a few. But the road to success is often paved with many failures, mistakes, loneliness and incompatibility. 
There are: job success, relationship success, spiritual success, marital success, family success and financial success.

The challenge is, no one likes to fail. No one feels on top of the world when mistakes are made. There are times when you’re not necessary sad, but you just feel empty. Sometimes our hearts takes us places to meet people, but some of those times we leave our brain behind and then incompatibility steps in. But remember, these defining moments has the potential to make us successful if we can conquer them.

Anyone can run away, that’s easy. Wanting to do the right thing in an extremely difficult situations and standing your ground, calls for inner strength. 

The next time you admire anyone, you maybe viewing their Chapter 20 while you’re only in your Chapter 1. The Chapters can be long but you must keep on writing to get to your Chapter 20. There’s somebody that needs to be inspired with your story. 

Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure and frustration. Successful people stay the course and work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. 

May we ALL win 🎓

5 thoughts on “Your story is inspiring 

  1. Your stories are very inspiring. In reading a few of them, I can relate. They certainly give me the energy and determination to continue. God is an awesome God. Continue writing these blogs.

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