Don’t give up !!

Even though on the outside things look like they are falling apart on us … yet on the inside NOT ONE day goes by without us experiencing God’s grace. We may not know what to do when we are facing a crisis – but we know that God always knows what to do and He is waiting for us to ask Him to deliver us. God will only act on your behalf when you ask Him. 

Every day we are being renewed and strengthened on the inside. It’s seldom what happens to us on the outside …but it’s more what’s taking place on the inside. We are being kept by God’s power – otherwise we would have been history a long time ago.

What defines us is how we rise after a fall. Get up and go again. We do fall but we also do have a choice to get back up again.

Many times we doubt our faith and put more trust in the things we are doubting (not wise at all) … Let us start doubting our doubts and trusting in God. Stay in the Word, it’s our saving grace.

Find a quiet time with God even if you are lying on your bed at nights. Every thought can be turned into a prayer by simply addressing those thoughts to God. He understands our moanings (thoughts) without uttering one word.

There are days when things get so tough and all we want to do is to sit and cry. But, we must get back up and go again. God never told us that life will be fair, He went alone to Calvary …but He did promise that He will never leave us. We got to hold Him to His promises – Jesus rose from the grave just as He said. 

Never stop doing your best just because someone wouldn’t give you the credit. Don’t be driven to despair. 

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and deliveres them out of ALL their troubles. The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in their spirits. 

We give the devil more credit than he deserves. We accept hereditary sicknesses (cancer, hypertension, heart disease),  defeat, hardships, failures, anxiety, premature death, and premature births to name a few – believing  that’s our lot in life without first consulting God. No more !!! Enough is enough!!!

No…Our God says that He has NOT given to us a spirit of fear, but of love and a SOUND mind. He said that He WILL KEEP us in PERFECT PEACE who’s mind is STAYED on Him. Where is your mind? What are your thoughts? What are you afraid of ? God cannot do our part, He promises to keep us in perfect peace, if we keep our mind on Him…. He said we will PROSPER in HEALTH as our soul prospereth. God will keep His side of the deal.

Give God some credit. He keeps His promise and His Words will NOT return to Him void. 
Don’t give up!!! God’s got a record to keep. Hallelujah !!!

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