God hears more than we say

The toughest part of praying sometimes is feeling like God is far away and the heavens are closed. You look for signs to your prayers being answered… but everything either looks the same or it looks worse than before. What do you do in those times?
First stop – Go to God’s Word for reassurance. God always hears us when we pray, even though we may not feel it. It’s not about feelings because feelings come and go. We cannot trust or rely on our feelings. We are by nature a bunch of emotional human beings. We laugh one minute and cry the next minute. We cannot and must not trust our feelings when we pray. 

Assurance that God always hears us …come by reaffirming God’s Word in our lives. It’s like injecting a bout of new faith in God.

God loves for us to quote His promises back to Him. Repeat the scripture over and over again until it becomes a thought, then an action and then a habit. There’s no fancy or perfect way to pray. Prayer is just talking to God like you would talk to your best friend. The only difference is… We know God is listening to every word we speak and He perceives our thoughts before they are spoken – sometimes our friends misinterpret our words and feelings.  Anyone can pray. There’s no magic or ritual when speaking with God. It’s simple, and the simpler it is, it’s the more God honors it. 

It’s like a love affair – Feelings of  insecurity surfaces in your marriage/relationships? You go back to the many times when you felt  unloved because of the busyness of life … the caring partner walks over and wrapped their loving arms around you and reassured you that everything will be just fine. 

When we pray, God hears more than we speak, He answers more than we ask Him and He gives more than we can imagine. 

Our duty is to pray without ceasing. Every thought can become a prayer by firstly addressing it to God.

A thought turn into a prayer: “Dear God, please watch over me as I walk along this lonely dark road. Amen.” 

One of the most courageous decision you’ll ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and tell God all about it. 

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