Memories are a choice

Memories are a choice. There are good memories and there are bad memories, but they both come with significant impact. 

Every time I think of my Mom I wish she was still around for me to tell her how much she has inspired me. My Mom was a strong woman with a strong faith in God. She bought down many giants to their knees because she understood the power of her Source. She was not a weak person but a gentle person. I do not recall ever hearing my Mom raise her voice to anyone including her children. How did she do it, I will never know…She raised eleven kids and graciously and deliberately instilled her Godly faith into each of us. Her strength was incredible whenever she faced the eye of a storm.

My Mom had the skills to cut one slice of cake into a minimum of six pieces and every child was happy. She had the gift of sharing. If perchance we had friends over during meal times, the meal will automatically be divided up and a plate will placed before each person sitting at the table. It always appeared to have an abundance of unknown resources when the house was filled with family and friends. 

Sleeping arrangements were quickly transformed if we had unexpected guests that slept over (and yes there were many unexpected family). One bed will then creatively have the capacity to hold five kids sleeping horizontally with everyone waking up to loud laughter.

By the time we woke up, there would be homemade bake/bread with whatever protein(eggs, cheese, ham) she had prepared while we were asleep. We would not sit at the prepared table until she gathered us in a circle to read the Bible, sing a couple of songs and pray which seemed like forever. 

My Mom knew how to interchange her few pieces of clothes to make them look different every time she got dressed. She sacrificed greatly for us as kids as her fulfillment and joy came from our happiness. She loved to laugh. She had a hearty laugh which followed on every occasion clapping her hands. My Mom played games with us, teaching us the importance of whatever you had in your hand was all that you were to use. I think what she was instilling in us – is that we all have one shot of life and we cannot exchange it for someone else’s life. 

My Mom took us for long night walks showing us the moon and the stars. She loved the evening smells of flowers. She taught us not to be afraid of the dark as we held hands and walked together. She showed us the birds at the set of dusk and strategically taught us the importance of leaving home together and coming back home together. My Mom instilled into us that ‘birds of the same feather sticks together’ meaning be careful of whom you keep company with. Today we say “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. 

One of her favourite quotes I loved was: “As through this world you travel, five things observe with care, 1. Of whom you speak  2. Of who you speak  3. And how? 4.And why? 5. And where?

My Mom was a praying Woman and a very wise woman. She prayed for my Dad to give his heart to God for years unending. She would wake up in the wee hours of the morning to pray….She never quitted praying for my dad or her children. My Dad gave his life to God at her funeral service and continued serving God until the time of his own passing. She prayed for each of her eleven children all day long whenever and wherever her thoughts took her.

Here is a note that was found after her passing away, where each one of our names were inscribed on a piece of paper and more so on her heart:

My Mom was my example of a woman that fear and reverence God. I am blessed today because of her prayers that still lingers on in my life and my children’s lives. My strong faith in God was what I learnt from her – watching her face the eyes of many storms. Today I can bounce back to life after facing the eyes of my own personal storms. I can recover quickly from difficult and challenging obstacles because I am a recipient of my Mom’s incredible faith.  

My Mom passed away at the young age of 69 years – 33 years ago. I still miss her so much, but, I’m comforted with the truth that she’s always in my heart. Sometimes when my journey gets long and lonely and my heart aches, I know that I will make it because my life is in God’s hands. I remind myself that this is my journey and it’s my opportunity to leave my own legacy behind.

So dear God, please tell my Mom that I love her and I miss her.

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