A Walk With God

As Christians we walk by faith and not by what we see. Many times what we see can negatively affect our walk with God. That’s why it becomes critical to remember that as we walk, we deliberately make the choice to walk in faith and not by what we see.  A walk is always about taking one step at a time. And as we take steps, we move closer to trusting and depending on God for everything that concerns us.

Many times a walk can be lonely and quiet, but in the stillness of the moments we must know that God is still there . It’s easy to give up when you walk alone, but it’s encouraging to know that in reality we are never alone. God promises that He will be with us to the end. To the end? What’s your end may be different from my end, but we know that in every situation, we will reach our destination when we walk with God.

A walk with God doesn’t keep us from difficulties, trouble, weariness, frustration and discouragement, but we have a peace that God always has our best interest at heart and He knows the road we walk on. He reaches the intersections before us and it’s in the stillness of our heart, we are confident He will order our next steps. 

Faith is not a feeling . It’s a choice to trust God even when the road ahead seems uncertain. Sometimes, God allows us to go through storms to strengthen our dependence on Him. We never know how strong we are until we have to walk through a storm alone with God. God makes us brave when we trust Him to stay with us through the storm. 

The struggle to walk in faith is real, but so is God.

  • Have faith in God’s plan
  • Put everything and everyone in God’s hand
  • Practise gratitude daily when talking with God
  • Surround yourself with someone who makes you laugh
  • Write your thoughts out 
  • Walk with someone who is walking alone

Those who walk with God, always reach their destination.

One thought on “A Walk With God

  1. Dearest Junie, I am so incredibly blessed by every post you make! Thank you and may GOD bless you! I look forward to each new post as they encourage and inspire me. I love you and I am so proud of you! I am happy that you found this new outlet. 👍👍

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