Have you ever felt like there are some people in your life that watches everything you do, but never stop to clap or applaud when you win? Sure, they are called women or girlfriends. On the other hand, there are women who have been badly wounded in life within our circle of friends and no one ever stop to extend a hand of kindness or spend quality time with them, they are considered ‘joy killers’….

There’s something about women that always feel the need to compete with other women. Social Media has created an appetite and a craving for positive, happy self images – sometimes at the cost of making actors and actresses of women who hide deep pain and depression, trying to compete with friends. 

In reality, there’s got to more in life than portraying happy self images. From the day we were born we were began running a race. This race is manditory from day one when we enter this world.  It’s a unique race in life with one goal to find your destiny and it’s imperative that we finish strong. It would be awesome as women if we can become cheerleaders to others. When one woman wins – we all win.

 The Bible says,  “So then let’s run the race that is laid out in front of us” – hold on a minute…so. there is a different race laid out for each of us? Yep !! We all have a customized race individually packaged for us when God created us. He had a God plan for each one of us. Therefore as girlfriends, we should be smart and brilliant enough not to become a carbon copy of someone else’s life, looks, dress, goals or dreams. Consider resisting the urge to purchase glamorous magazines and how to drop 20 lbs in five days and takes those few pennies to make a girlfriend’s life exciting. We are a unique bunch of gifted human beings call women – specially designed and gifted by God to glow where ever we are planted. 

When runners run, they shed excessive baggage and run light in order to win. No one gets into a race and decides not to finish strong or to be distracted by what others are doing. We were all born to win as women. We are individually and collectively more powerful than we believe we are. We must remember that we are never in competition with anyone but ourselves so it’s okay to applaud each other. As women, we should have no desire to be better than anyone because we all have customized races specifically designed for our unique and individual personality. 

Get rid of the extra baggages of: jealousy, strife, competition, greed, hatred, pretense and the list that can go on and on.

Life is NOT a competition. Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our potential. It’s exciting to applaud others as they run their race. You lose nothing by making someone feel good about their strides. It actually makes you feel better about yourself and inspires you to run your own race well. 

True confidence has no need for jealousy and envy. Strive to be confident in your own body. Sickness and death bed are the great equalizers between sexy and plus size self images. Just enjoy being you. 

Do yourself some good and get rid of any extra negative thoughts baggage because you were not appaulded. It’s okay to fall and get back up, it makes you stronger. You will make it. Don’t compete with others. Your race is unique to you.

You can always know who the strong women are. They build other women up instead of tearing each other down. They clap and applaud loudly when other women win and not behind closed doors. They cheer and go the distance with the faint hearted. 

Create a plan today to applaud and compliment the women in your circle. Women who are beautiful from within never needs the spotlight on them. 

Run the race that is set out in front of you . You have a great cloud of witnesses . Throw off extra baggage and let’s cheer each other on. Your win is my win, my win is your win. Let’s hold hands together and make the next generation of women true girlfriends. 

3 thoughts on “Girlfriends 

  1. It was worth the second reading!! What an awesome reminder that we are each unique and we each have a unique race/journey. Thank you for writing. Truly inspirational and not everyone will “get it” the first time reading it, but it is a permanent record and reminder. Blessings, little sis. Keep sharing.
    Junie, your symbolism of the giraffe is so appropriate. You see things from a different vantage point that others cannot see right away. Be patient with those of us who need the 2nd reading to “get it”.


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