A Misunderstood Woman

“Now Hannah was praying in her heart; her lips were moving, but her voice was silent, so Eli thought she was drunk. “How long will you act like a drunk? Sober up!” Eli told her. “No sir!” Hannah replied. “I’m just a very sad woman. I haven’t had any wine or beer but have been pouring out my heart to the Lord. Don’t think your servant is some good-for-nothing woman. This whole time I’ve been praying out of my great worry and trouble!””‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭1:13-16‬ ‭CEB‬‬ 

Hannah was a very sad and misunderstood woman. She couldn’t stop crying because she was childless. She knew only God could open her womb and gave her the miracle of a child. She was barren but loved by her husband. Her husband couldn’t fully understand the depth of her pain, but tried to console with his words – “Hannah, why are you crying?” her husband Elkanah would say to her. “Why won’t you eat? Why are you so sad? Aren’t I worth more to you than ten sons?” …. She was ridiculed and mocked by her husband’s other wife who was very fertile. “And because the Lord had kept Hannah from conceiving, her rival would make fun of her mercilessly, just to bother her.”

‭Hannah’s desperation for a child drove her to the temple to pray to her God whom she trusted will open up her womb and bless her with a child. She prayed in her heart, lips moving but no words were heard as she cried uncontrollably at the altar – a good chance her behavior could be misunderstood. The Priest observing her behavior taught she was drunk. Hannah explained her pain to the Priest who responded, “Then go in peace. And may the God of Israel give you what you’ve asked from him.”

How many times as women we are misunderstood?

Here are 8 things to consider as women:

  1. Barrenness – may bring about insecurity in lots of areas, but it will always reveal our greatest need. When you figure it out, take it to the temple before God. There’s more to being barren than not being able to conceive. It’s anything that leaves a void in our lives. God didn’t bring you into this situation to leave you alone in it
  2. Fruitfulness – when you have eaten and are full, don’t forget God who blessed you with all the riches. There’s always something on the table of gratitude to share with others 
  3. Misunderstanding – don’t throw a tantrum, don’t throw a fit. Allow The Almighty who sees and knows everything to fight on your behalf. Don’t get dirty 
  4. Pain – turn your pain into powerful times alone with God. Nothing is wrong with just letting the tears flow before God. He bottles all our tears and converts them into strength
  5. Rejection – every pain you have is an opportunity for God to show His strength in your life 
  6. Victory – there is no victory without a battle. Without a fight, your life will become boring and useless. Everything that was meant to defeat us, made us stronger. So come on, straighten your crown and walk like a lady 
  7. Promises – stop believing the negative voices in your heads, it’s not God’s way of speaking. God always brings something good out of every storm in our lives. To wake up knowing that God is on your side, is good enough
  8. Favor – God blessed Hannah with a child. Sometimes God will make us wait on purpose, not only so we will know it was His favor, but so all of our critics, friends, relatives and coworkers won’t be able to deny what God has done in our lives 


2 thoughts on “A Misunderstood Woman

  1. Sister June, thank you for another word of encouragement and inspiration today. I look forward to my quiet times with your thoughts and insights. Blessed to be a blessing!


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