Peace is the absence from mental anxiety. As women our anxiety comes by excessive worry and fear. Anxiety can also come about by trying to avoid stressful situations. We are more prone to worry about e v e r y t h I n g including  other people’s views and opinions  of us. By nature we are more protective and anxious over more stuff than men. Worry increases our anxiety levels and we assume that anxiety and worry means we are doing something to have it all under control….But, the truth is, it does nothing more than add depression and frustration.

We can achieve peace without necessarily agreeing with everyone and trying to control every situation. We should respect ourselves enough to say, ‘I deserve peace’ and avoid ‘peace stealers’situations.  

Build bridges not walls. 

Peace is having a calmness in your heart that everything will just be fine as God had planned it. Inner peace comes from the moment you decide not to allow another person or thing to control and upset your thoughts or moods. 

Whatever it takes for you to gain peace, just do it. 

Our God is The Prince of Peace. Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid. God has given us His peace. 

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