The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle in life is a newborn baby👶🏾… To hold a newborn baby you cannot deny that it is a miracle that super exceeds anyone’s expectations. Just to hold a newborn baby and feel the joy and love it brings, makes you want to shout it out to the entire world that you are a grandma once again. 

To hear, see and feel the heartbeat is an understatement of the life you hold in your hands. Watching the tiny fingers and toes and to count them all is an overwhelming gesture. Looking for the first imaginary smile, the opening of the eyes, the first cry, the first poo, the suckling sound and the clinching of the tiny hands are all proof that indeed we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Doctors and nurses base their knowledge on text books, experiences and new information provided by researchers….But nothing is certain until God says so. 
My newest miracle came in the form of my granddaughter Amaris born to my last daughter Eddie-Marie on June 11, 2016 – Eddie (as we call her) is quite a trooper as she beautifully managed her labor pains for weeks unending. Doctors denied that she was in actual labor because 1. The baby’s head was still very high 2. She was only 2 cms in spite of very excruciating pain for weeks 3. The monitor showed intense contractions but the evidence of full labor was not there …. After the decision was made to induce her at 40 weeks , the next step was to break her water to help her to dilate quicker. At this point, Eddie, her husband and us her parents made a collaborative decision to request a C- section much to the displeasure of the fully qualified medical staff who taught it better to allow the stages of labor to take its normal cause.  

After hours of leaving us to rethink our decision, they agreed with Eddie’s decision giving us the pros and cons of the choice. Surgery was scheduled for a 4:30 pm delivery. The doctors surprised us and came instead at 4 pm. We hugged and kissed Eddie wishing her the very best. Now, it was our turn to anxiously wait for the good news. At 6:30pm the long awaited news and smiles came that baby Amaris was born at 4:45  pm and weighed in at 7 lbs – the joys, smiles and laughter is just too much to put into words. 

The miracle was here. The report was given to us by the nurse and doctors that baby was healthy and perfect and mother was also doing well. 

The alarming news was – the baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck a total of three times. Baby’s position in the womb was turned into a pear shape making it difficult for the head to drop into place . Baby girl’s body was positioned way higher than was first perceived which prevented the dilation of the cervix etc. The medical staff surprised by what they saw moved them to fully agree that the right choice was made by Eddie and the family which was to go ahead with a C-section. The thirty minutes difference between scheduled surgery and the actual arrival of the doctors made a significant difference as we could have had a tragedy of some sort. 
God knew we had prayed from day one of this pregnancy for a perfect baby with all organs working, limbs in place and a child that would fear and serve God. He was not about to disappoint us … hindsight would have it – we can look back at all the ‘ifs’ that could have played out. Instead, we got a real life miracle in baby Amaris. What a joy it was to hold her tightly to our chests and thank God for His amazing gift. Both Mother and Baby had a miracle.

Days after Amaris’s birth, we heard from an associate of my husband how she lost a nephew at birth because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times. Can I thank God enough? Never!! Will I thank God forever? Yes. Are Baby Amaris’s chapters already written by her Creator God? Yes 

The next time you see or hold a newborn baby, remember it’s a miracle you are holding. 

The birth of a child is an unforgettable experience.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Miracle

  1. She is indeed a miracle. He is a faithful God, His promises are yes and amen and we rejoice with you and the family — love and blessings!


  2. Thank you God for this little bundle of joy. Blessings to the entire family. Amaris is fearfully and wonderfully made by God our creator


  3. This is a great testimony of a miracle so many times we hear of similar cases and the outcome was always the opposite. We have to give God thanks at all time and always put our trust in him. No weapon formed against God’s children will ever prosper.
    What a Blessing.


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