We Choose Our Destination

You will always have problems, but how you handle it makes the difference. We cannot change anything that has happened or will happen  to us. We don’t get to handpick our journey, but we do get to choose our destination. Life plays out in different unforeseen ways in different seasons. 

  • We can choose to become bitter, filled with resentment and begin to shut people out of our lives 


  • We can respond to our circumstances with a mind set that God can use this situation to teach me so I can help someone else along the way 

We were never promised that life will be easy – Christian or Non Christian. We all face the same challenges in life but in different ways. Life was never meant to be easy – the first thing a newborn does is to cry, if the baby doesn’t cry then the nurse slaps the baby’s butt to make it cry. The last moment you’re alive, will take your breath away. So I trust you understand that this thing call LIFE is never going to be a continued walk in the park. Everyday is not going to be a sunny day regardless of what other people pretend it to be. Without learning curves, there will be no learning. Without battles, there will be no victories.  No one is exempted from sadness, lost, pain, problems or stress. 

When we go through a difficult experience – it’s always an opportunity to learn from it and then to help someone else. 

Since life can sometimes be challenging, it will be wise to pick your battles or those things that tick you off. 

It’s a great idea many times to walk away from confrontations, not that you’re weak …but, because you’re strong. Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into something you are not. 

Most of our ongoing fights are because of one enemy call ‘pride’…pride never likes to lose a good fight. Pride keeps the battle hot. Pride takes us to the divorce court. Pride destroys families. Pride is our biggest enemy. It’s never a person but the thing call ‘pride.’ Pride hurts everyone. 

No matter whatever the challenge may be, it’s important to hold out on our emotions – This is my ongoing lesson in life as I have always been an emotionally charged person….So as I learn, I promise to teach others. What stops me most times from letting my emotions get the worse of me, is to ask myself – Is what I am going to say – is it true, is it kind or is it necessary? ‘Is it necessary’ always stomps me and makes me rethink my responses. I then walk away like a boss.  

We don’t get to handpick our journey, but we get to choose our destination – 

  • Choose what you want your marriage to look like after 65 years of wedding bliss. 
  • Choose the legacy you want to be remembered by others. 
  • Choose what you will sacrifice in life to see your children reach their best potential. 
  • Choose what you will teach your kids 
  • Choose your priorities 

And remember at the end of our lives, there’s a little dash that represents the time we were born and the time we die. 

2 thoughts on “We Choose Our Destination

  1. Great lessons as always. Your writings are refreshing and thought-provoking. Thank you, dear Junie. I appreciate you and treasure you. Always.


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