What’s Your Cost?

Salvation is free, but having an intimate relationship with God will cost you. One of my favourite quotes is, “Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in your garage make you a car.”  Many folks think that going to church on Sundays shows a level of commitment to God and qualifies them as a Christian – Not true !!!  Having an intimate relationship with God is more important, and it must cost you something. It takes time and energy to build a relationship. What you put in, you will get out of it. The less time you spend with someone, is more casual the relationship will be. The greater your investment is with someone, is the greater the relationship will be. 

What are some of the events in our lives that initiates our relationship with God? 

  1. Pain
  2. When your heart is broken
  3. When you feel abandoned
  4. When you are out of options

I will rather God use any of the above to get my attention, than to leave this world never spending valuable time with Him.

Stop for a second and think, it must be God needing our attention when things are out of control. Don’t pick the phone up to relay how awful your life is, instead turn it over to God and watch your relationship with Him change to an intimate relationship. 

When the storms are over – Our worship and thanksgiving is the turning key that expresses how intimate our walk with God is. We all have our unique form to worship God, but one thing is certain – worship and thanksgiving are expressive…. It cannot be done silently nor can it be silenced by others.

Worship and thanksgiving cost. People judge or may ridicule you for your very expressive act of worship. Family members may mock you and make fun of you, but you know the full cost or the reason for your unique act of worship and thanksgiving. 

Some people like to say, I can worship God in my heart, I don’t need to be expressive. But, when you know the storms the Lord bought you through, when you know how you survived what was meant to destroy you, when you can’t explain how you survived the fire…then, you cannot be silent or silenced. 

I know what it feels like to be made fun of because of my worship. I know what it feels like to be ridiculed because I choose to talk all the time about the faithfulness of God. I know what it feels like to stand up for my beliefs when it was a bit awkward or uncomfortable to do so…but one thing for sure – it has never silenced me. 

As an adult, I have seen God come through so many times in my life over and over again. When I think of the storms, the mess, the test, the crises, the fires that God lovingly, carefully and reassuringly guided me through…it makes me want to shout, dance and jump for joy every time. I know what God has done for me, and I will not give God anything  that doesn’t cost me. 

Don’t allow anyone to despise your unique act of worship and thanksgiving. It’s a personal thing noone else will understand. 

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