The Spirit of Resentment 

Resentment is an awful unforgiving spirit that starts and ends when you feel misunderstood, or when someone forgets to acknowledge how much you’ve sacrificed for them, or when you expect so much more from others because you would have been willing to do much more for them. 

Resentment is very subtle because it creeps quietly and quickly into our hearts when we expect more from others. It’s a quiet and evil spirit  that doesn’t express our real emotions that’s buried deep within us. We express resentment by either passing off scarasam to others or shutting down and removing ourselves from the crowd.

Holding on to painful thoughts or bad memories can cause us to overthink or repeat thoughts or memories thereby holding ourselves hostage. Resentment always looks for ways to pay back others creating further  hurt along the way. It is prevalent in marriages, parents and child relationship, employee and employer, pastor and congregation, and friend to friend. 

Hidden resentments kills any relationship. If something bothers you, say it or pray about it. I’ve found myself so many times facing resentment smack on in it’s face…then the feelings overpowers my thinking and reasoning and I feel the urgency to host a ‘pity party’ with only my thoughts as the guest. In moments of this insane behavior, I quickly speak peace over my life and yes, you know it- I pray about it. 

We need to decide if we are going to continue to hang on to the ugly spirit of resentment caused by being misunderstood, or failure on the part of others to acknowledge our good deeds, or our expectations of others…these things only harden our hearts creating further pain and unforgiveness. 

It may be a great suggestion to talk things over with those who have offended us, express our hurt and pain in a calm collective mind..looking or expecting nothing more than to offer forgiveness and move on.  Talking negatively to others is not going to help anyone, so toughen up and continue to love on. 

When we learn to accept instead of expect, we will have few disappointments. Holding on to resentment is letting someone occupy your head while holding yourself hostage. The thoughts that you feed are the ones that wins.

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of Resentment 

  1. “Holding on to resent is letting someone occupy your head while holding yourself hostage” Wow! This says to me a ‘choice’ (aka a dominant action) can fool you into taking a ‘submissive’ position. Thoughts are powerful. YOU can control your thoughts.


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