Why Not Say It Now?

My tribute today is for my husband and friend for over 40 years. We were high school sweethearts that attended different schools. Our friendship started at 16 years leading up to our marriage at 18 years old in 1973. My husband has always been a selfless human being. His expressions of love was first demonstrated in our high school days when he would bring me Cadbury Whole Hazelnut Chocolate bars on weekends (my favourite at that time and still is). He understood my language of love and never once hesitated to show it.

Our life together was pulled out of a romance novel. From day one, I knew his love for me was sincere and forty-five years after our first meeting and four children …only one thing has changed – those chocolate bars have turned into lavish vacations, multiple homes, cars, expensive jewelry and more clothes than I can wear. There’s nothing my dear husband wouldn’t do for me if I wanted it. His selfless ways have bought me many times to my knees with gratitude to him and to my God.

He’s an excellent father and grandfather and my kids are blessed to call him “daddy”…they go to him if they need advice on career, education, large investment, and sometimes to complain about me – something I still find very humorous (after all I only had daughters)😂👑👑👑👑….But nevertheless, I like knowing they have a daddy that they can trust his judgement call on a wide range of topics. 

One thing that my kids and I can count on is, he will pick up the phone if we call him irregardless of who he’s meeting with or what he’s doing. He may simply say, ‘is everything okay? Can I call you back?” , but he will answer when his phone rings. I can’t say he will do the same for anyone else, but we know he would do it for us. 

My husband makes me feel safe even if he’s not around. He’s very detailed and thinks way ahead of all the preventable things that should be in place. Since he travels a lot, the security around me 24/7 is his concern. If I have to travel, then every detail is in place leaving little or no risk for any chaos. He is an excellent provider and watches over his household with due diligence. He leaves nothing to chance when it comes to his family. 

He gets up early and does not eat the bread of ildleness. He’s goes to bed late preparing for the next day as he believes in high performance and preparation. He’s known in the gates he walks through in his life and takes pride in being known as a man of integrity. 

I want my husband to know how highly I think of him and how much I admire him for all he’s done for our kids and myself. I love him not for only what he’s done and continues to do, but more so for making me the queen of his universe. There’s not a day that passes and I don’t feel or see his demonstrated love for me.

Thank you my love for all that you have brought into my life with your presence. You have encouraged me in everything I put my hands to do -the years I was working on my first degree, planning large church events as I manage international delegates, doing spreadsheets which was my frustration when I first started, writing my blogs and telling me zillions of times what a great mother/grandmother/wife I am. You are my bright and shining knight and I am happy we can do life together. You have made God proud to call you His son, and you have made me proud to call you ‘husband’.. I will always love you and I know you will do the same until death do us part and even after that, our legacy will live on in our children and their children’s lives. 

Together forever our lives will live on. 

4 thoughts on “Why Not Say It Now?

  1. My love, I appreciate the sentiments. I would not have had it any other way. If I had to do it all over again, I would even try to beat the standard written about. You deserve even more. You are the personification of a virtuous woman as described in the Bible.
    Love you lots and appreciate who you are, and all you have done for the family.


  2. This made me tear up. SOOOO true.

    LOL re: Call him to complain….giggle….#raisingmyhand #notanymore #nocomplaints

    Great read Mom and I love this “ode” to Dad. Every single word is absolutely true. He ALWAYS, ALWAYS takes my call and Kaira’s. He’s like God, he always picks up.

    You and Dad are perfectly matched. You are on your knees, he’s on the other end of the phone. I literally have the best parents in the world. Love you, Wina


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