There’s A Champion In You 

“The sun that makes the grass sparkle after rain…” 2 Samuel 23:4 GNT

In life you will always have to encourage yourself every day. I mean EVERY DAY!!! You cannot leave it for chance that someone will encourage you, for everyone you know is fighting their own battle and needs someone to encourage them too. No two days in our lives are the same, but having a positive attitude towards life every day will determine what you get out of each day.

Some days starts off cloudless and gloomy, but it doesn’t mean every day will be the same. There are seasons in life. Every thing that was meant to destroy you – actually made you stronger even if you had to crawl through it. Have you ever notice the grass after rain falls and the sun comes out? It’s the sun that makes the grass sparkle after rain…so stay strong  – it’s your positive approach towards life that will make you sparkle on after the storm. The storm will pass!!

There’s a lion that’s waiting to roar inside of you. Victory is always sweet…but no victory ever happens without a battle. Anyone who was never in a battle, never felt the sweetness of victory. 

The fact that you know there’s more to life than what you’re currently facing, should motivate you to reach your final destination as a champion. When you are faced with a messy situation remind yourself that there must be something you can learn from the mess. There are many valuable lessons that can be learnt in every situation.  Purpose to help someone else avoid the pitfalls you met along the way. 

David only used a sling shot to kill Goliath, but it was really his courage that made him defeat the giant. Whatever is coming against you, muster all the courage you have remaining on the inside of you and walk away like a champion. Champions are not born, but they are the ones who never give up …so purpose to live to fight another day. Every day you may not win, but that’s no reason to quit. Stay strong. Stand tall. Live well. Keep on going. 

Be brave enough to keep going inspite of what some people may see in you. You will never know who else is looking on at you and is being encouraged. 

Don’t give up and don’t quit  – there’s a CHAMPION in each of us. The fact that you made it so far proves you have it within you to finish strong.

3 thoughts on “There’s A Champion In You 

  1. If I never had a problem, I wouldn’t know my GOD could solve them 🎶. Praise GOD for another encouraging word. Blessings, my sister 👭


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