It’s All Working In Your Favor

Sometimes I enjoy spending time simply thinking how far I have come from – to where I am today. I have bitter sweet memories of my life …but where I am today makes my gratitude pendulum swing to a greater degree of appreciation. Life was never meant to crush us, but to give us muscles to lift ourselves higher. I believe if we don’t have a past to measure how far we have come from,  then our future will never be appreciated. 

I’m grateful for every good and bad experience I’ve gone through in life. There are some I wish I can forget, but hey…when I think how beautiful my life has turned out, I’m confident that there is a God that was and is watching over me. I just needed to be patient to get where I am today – and I still need to be patient to get where I am going.

Until you are broken, you will never know what you are made of. How many times we break an egg for breakfast in the morning never fully understanding the concept how something broken can fill our empty stomach. The woman with the Alabaster box never got the full value and enjoyment of the sweet fragrance – until it was broken at Jesus feet. The Cross was simply two pieces of wood until Jesus’ body was broken so we can go free of our past into our bright future. Brokenness is a sign that something good is coming out.

Things aren’t always going to be okay. And that’s really okay, because it will not be that way forever. Many times we fall;  we have a bad day; we cry; we throw a tantrum; we spill some beans; and we sometimes want to run away – all these feelings are normal …but what’s not normal is refusing to get back up again. It’s an adult choice we have to make, but it’s always a good choice. 

Don’t despise what you have been through, we need the lessons. My writings are expressions of what I’ve been through  – don’t just read my story, but start writing yours. We all have lots of potential buried deep inside of us because all the things that we have experienced in life. Our experiences are valuable lessons that could have only be learnt by walking through them and not remaining bitter.
We are survivors with a story. Get your story started so someone can hear how you survived and weathered your storms. 

Stand up strong and be the star of your own show. Let them wonder how you did it.

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