❤️There’s a Time For Everything ❤️

 I am by nature a planner. I love planning my days, weeks, and months. Tell me that you want me to pick you up for 4:30pm and I made that promise to you that I would be there, then at 4:15 pm I’m waiting for you. If as girlfriends we plan to go to the movies and there’s no firm date or time, then as far as I’m concerned- my time is free so I can go ahead and make other plans.  I feel in control of my life when I know what my plans are going to be and what my options are. My friends laugh at me when they know how detailed I can be when it comes to my calendar. I plan even for the things I plan to do- I’m a planner. 
Many people are in awe on my thoughts of even planning my funeral. I love to see and hear the reactions whenever I bring this topic up. One thing remains the same – the views and opinions of my listeners has never changed my mind on my final wishes/rights.  

Over the years I’ve been extremely vocal to my family and friends the way I want -not wish my last rights to be. I used to say for many years that I do not want any speeches at my final service. My question is – Why do we wait until someone has died to honor them? I hate going to funerals, or watching TV, or reading the news, or listening to conversations where all these good and amazing traits and fond memories are shared by both friends and foes. Nothing grieves me more than listening to inspirational stories that usually brings streams of tears from my eyes that are shared by those who knew the deceased. Why only then is it said and not while the individual was alive? How many more hours or days or years would that individual have lived if they knew how much you loved them? 

Is the corpse that lying in view of those who attends the service worth more dead?

Like King Solomon would say – it’s vanity. Kind and loving words spoken too late is vanity and futile. 

My final thoughts on my passing is – donate my body to Research where even in my passing, my life can still keep on giving. Those who are close to me can confidently and emphatically say – June was always a giver. I will keep on giving even after I have passed on. 

Finally, while I’m alive I will keep on living and enjoying all that comes to me. I love to laugh, I love going on vacations and I love my family and friends. I love going to comedy shows and movies. I love spending time with my grandkids and I love and adore my husband in every way. He’s my wind beneath those things that brings joy to me. He told me this morning – ‘I love your hearty laugh’ – I know for one thing , he would not love my blog today as he doesn’t enjoy hearing about my final wishes 😂… But I’m confident that he would respect the fact – that this is the package that his dear wife comes wrapped in. And, one day he would laugh at my detailed planning even in those eerie conversations. 

I love you babe for making my life full of love, laughter and great experiences. We will continue to enjoy life together, and the sun will continue to rise over us. 

The best is yet to come. Let’s celebrate each other. Children are grown and now it’s just you and I to live the way we always wanted . 

Here’s to the best years to come 💃🏾🙏🏿💃🏾🙏🏿👣👣👣👣🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾.  

4 thoughts on “❤️There’s a Time For Everything ❤️

  1. It’s not an easy conversation, but best to have it all out there ahead of time. No surprises. Be confident of my unwavering love for you, and yes, you have always been a giver. 👭💖


    I don’t know why I scrolled back and read this blog. I am glad I did.
    Trust that one day you would compile some of your specially selected gems into book or books.
    They would make great gifts.
    Keep writing, keep sharing. You are a God Sent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I too am happy you did. Thanks for your encouragement and recommendation. To be honest – I’ve heard about compiling my writings into a book from countless people…keep praying for me. Love you very much ♥️


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