The Human Heart

Interestingly our heart is placed in the middle part of our chest.  God didn’t place this important delicate organ under our feet where we can run or stamp on it and don’t feel pain. It’s place in the middle of our chest…hmmm🤔… The heart pumps blood through the blood vessels providing the body with oxygen and nutrients. It also carries away waste 😜. 

Aha Moment – A man’s heart weighs approximately 10 lbs, while a woman’s heart weighs approximately 8lbs. This was included just to be my ‘aha moment.’ 

Think twice, we all have a heart condition. In the medical world, a heart condition is bad news. But in reality we all have a heart condition… It’s made up of those things that we allow to come into our heart – be it good or bad. If my heart allows good things to come into it, then I’m going to be okay. But if the wrong things (thoughts, feelings, emotions)  get into my heart then I’m in trouble. 

It’s important to daily (within 24 hours) get rid of the waste matters of our heart. When hurt is kept inside of us it blocks our enjoyment of life and eventually we crack under the pressure. The faster we get the right help when we are having bad readings showing up in our heart is the quicker we can avoid serious heart damage. The sooner we get rid of those things that are not good for our heart …it’s the better off we would be. The longer we hold on to hurts, it’s the more susceptible we would be to experiencing physical, scriptural or emotional heart attacks. 

Who is to guard your heart or mines? YOU !! ME !! God tells us that we MUST GUARD our heart above all else. Why? It determines the course of our life. 

We’re always in charge of our own heart. It’s a full time job to guard our heart. We don’t know on any given day what will come our way by hurtful words spoken directly to us or behind our backs; somebody who will disappoint us; or maybe someone who has offended us by their actions, but instantly there’s a wound that we need to deal with. We constantly have to keep our heart guarded. We must protect it from bitterness and resentment – it’s what I want to call ‘the fatty tissues’ … Not good for our hearts. 

How can we protect and guard our hearts? By consistently bringing our hurts to God in prayer. Tell Him because He already knows anyways – it’s no breaking news to Him, but we will feel much better after telling Him. We’re constantly in a war for keeping our happiness, so it’s critical that we don’t drop our guard down …otherwise our hearts will be left unguarded.

Release those things we are carrying through prayer. I’ve found that the load is way lighter when we get a prayer partner who will come together in agreement to help us carry the load. It’s also crucial to spend quality time meditating on the scriptures. It wards off attacks and keeps us sane.

Every time you feel like doing the wrong thing, choose to do the right thing.

Who is the guard of our minds? You and Me. It determines our course/way of our lives. #ThePowerOfAgreement #NotEasilyBroken #GetUpAndFightAgain #WinnersDoNotQuit 

4 thoughts on “The Human Heart

  1. Very Instructive. Yes we have to very deliberate and diligent in guarding our hearts. Keep on writing.
    Love you!


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