God Will Sustain You

I wonder how many times we carry around stuff that wasn’t meant for us to carry in the first place. When the load gets heavy, it’s important to take a minute and make an assessment of the things we are carrying. 

At times I’ve found myself carrying stuff that either didn’t belong to me OR if they were mines, it wasn’t necessary for me to be carrying it because—> God has invited us and even went as far as writing it in His Word as a written contract. 

A contract cannot be broken because it’s a legal document. I can always take it back to God and remind Him of what He has promised me. God promised me that He will sustain me and I will not be shaken by the stuff that confronts me – It’s an option/choice to completely without any reservation give them over to God.

I wonder how much of what weighs us down was not ours to carry in the first place. 

Stress is a worrisome spirit that confuses us to make us feel that everything has to happen right away. We get rattled and anxious when faced with situations that we have no control over. Stress gets ‘all dressed up’ acting out in the roles as “I am a concerned parent”; “I need to organize this before the deadline or I will lose my mind”; “I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to get my bloodwork results” … I’m sure you can follow where I’m going with this point. We can find millions of things to cause us unwarranted stress levels. 

Faith on the other hand, reassures us that everything will be just fine as God always, always has the ‘last word’ anyways. Even if I decided to worry, in the end I still wasn’t able to change a thing. Worrying really doesn’t help to solve any thing. Worrying cause lumps in our body, migraine headaches, ulcers, unhappiness and the list can go on and on. Why worry, when we can pray? Trust Jesus, He will see us through to ‘the good end’. 

Make a list of the many times God came through for us. The time we prayed for favor in the bank; when we prayed for healing of a migraine; when we prayed for a child to come home; when we prayed for favor on the job…go ahead and make that list and reflect on the faithfulness of God and in His timing. 

Great is thy faithfulness O God my father. Morning by morning new mercies I’ve seen. All I’ve needed thy hands has provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord on to me. Summer and Winter, Springtime and Harvest …God has been faithful. 

Let’s slap the dirty, evil, wicked devil in the face by getting our praises on. Don’t wait to see it happen before, just start praising and thanking God for the answers to those things that we have given over to Him. 

The End is also sweeter when we pray 🙏🏽

3 thoughts on “God Will Sustain You

  1. What powerful words of encouragement. I WILL lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help.
    Thank you, Junie, for another encouraging devotional.

    Blessings 💕


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