Perfect L❤️VE

There’s nothing like the love of God. A relationship with God is like no other relationship you may have ever experienced. There is nothing that I can do to cause God to love me any more than He already loves me. There’s nothing I can do to cause God to love me less. He loves me more than I love myself.  It’s just overwhelming to me to think how He loves me so much even when I feel unworthy. God’s love is unconditional and is not based on my perfect or excellent performance. 

God doesn’t want me to pretend or to be fake with Him. He knows my good or ugly thoughts before they come to me, and He still thinks that I’m worth loving. I don’t need to impress Him and that’s so cool. I like being in His company because I can just be myself and I’m guaranteed that at the end of the day, He still thinks I’m cool. 

I feel safe with the amazing love of my Heavenly Father because I can never reach a place in my life where God does not love me. When I compare the love of God with humans- there’s no match there at all. Humans love conditionally, they just don’t have the capacity to love unconditionally. Their love is limited in their kindness and expressions towards us because of their limitations. If they are hurt or feel betrayed their love will end, and mistrust always produces chaos and confusion. 

God loves us so much that even when I fail or disappoint Him, His endless love is fully equipped to keep on loving me. His love is as deep as the ocean and wide as the streams. He knows we will fail and disappoint Him from time to time, but He keeps on loving us. Unfortunately, we will not always feel that God loves us. There will times when we find ourselves doubting His love and even His existence, but it’s in those times it’s important to have a face off with those lies and say it out loud and clear, ‘Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.’ Our words have power over our thoughts and behavior.

I cannot do anything to make God love me more than anyone else. God’s love cannot be earned or deserved. It is based on grace and mercy which means when I fail and make awful decisions that displeases Him, I have the security that He’s waiting for me to come and acknowledge my faults and be assured that He will always forgive me. I’m so secured with the love of God far more than I feel loved by any human being. He certainly think I was worth it enough to die for me. 

God’s love never fails, you can totally depend on Him loving you from the first day you were born until the last day you breathe. If God expected us to be perfect, He would have never endured the pain, agony and betrayal leading up to Him dying on the cross. He died for imperfect people. 

No matter what we do, we cannot escape His love. I can ignore it or reject it, but it will not go away. God’s love surrounds us 24/7, even when we are unaware of His presence. 

I will either sink or swim in His love, which I find very hilarious ….because He is love. It’s like being in a pool -He is the water in the pool,  if you sink, you’re sinking in His love. If you swim, you’re swimming in His love. 🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾🏊🏾❤️

There’s absolutely nothing that can separate me from the amazing love of my Father. 

I’m so glad that my Heavenly Father who is in control of everything in the universe loves me. I am so safe because He holds my world and everything that concerns me in the palms of His hands. 

2 thoughts on “Perfect L❤️VE

  1. Good words and faithful exhortation! May GOD help us reflect to others HIS unconditional love. Blessings, Junie 🙏


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