L❤️VE Is Felt

God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once. 

I want to thank God for patiently staying with me throughout my life. I thank God for never giving up on me even when I doubted myself. I am thankful for the countless times I’ve experienced His loving touch in my life. When I look over my life, I can truly say that I have been loved by God, even when I didn’t feel I was worth His love. 

We all know that relationships are not as easy as it appears. Having a healthy relationship demands spending quality time together; fighting battles that no one knows about…yet managing to stay in love; recovering from brokenness that was meant to destroy you…and the list can go on and on. 

I want to thank God for blessing me with an incredible marriage, and a faithful partner. We both have won many battles and endured many things that could have crushed us, but we made it through the years. The blessing is in the journey. The everlasting love is the destiny. If I had to choose him…I will choose him over and over again, without a doubt and in a heartbeat I will keep choosing him.

The Power of Felt Love between us can be found in the following traits: 

  • We love being together 
  • When we are NOT together, he texts me to say good morning because he doesn’t want to call in case I’m still asleep…What he’s really saying is – I’m thinking of you first thing in the morning 
  • We accept each other, knowing that we both are not perfect. He allows me to vent knowing I will feel better once I get it all out. He has a solution to every situation, which many times are correct
  • The times he puts his arms around me and pulls me closer to him in his sleep
  • When we both shorten our day to go on a date
  • Times when we do absolutely nothing together, but still feel the warmth touch of love
  • When he lets me have most of the blankets without pulling it back
  • When I put my cold feet between his legs
  • He tries not to wake me up if he has to be up early
  • When I miss him even before he leaves 
  • When he makes plans to take me to places and shows he knows I enjoy
  • I love knowing without an ounce of doubt that I’m his concern, and he puts everything in place for me making me feel secured and loved

Healthy relationships always produces ‘felt love’ ….daughter to mother, son to father, sibling to sibling , friend to friend, spouse to spouse, finally but not the least – God to man. 

True love is never questioned. You will feel the love between each other if it’s genuine. Love is not words. Love is a verb – it’s action. L❤️VE is Felt. 

Hope you will never have to run after love in any of the relationships mentioned above, but that true love will find you wherever you are….

One thought on “L❤️VE Is Felt

  1. So happy, Junie, that you have found your true love and your true love has found you. Blessings for many more happy years together 💑


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