The School of God

We are not a naturally humble and forgiving  bunch of people. We can also be quick tempered and jugemental of others who are not like us. If for any reason we don’t fit into each other’s circle, then our leniency becomes partial in judgement to each other. We selectively forget that we were ALL born in sin and shaped in iniquity. We go easy on judging ourselves, but are unpardonable of others. We become like gods, and ignorantly accuse and pass judgement on our brother and sisters. 

We read in the Bible about Moses being a quick tempered man. He killed the Egyptian in his youth and later on in life, he struck the rock instead of speaking to it (Numbers 20). 

Another example from students who attended The School of God is –  Miriam. She did not hold back on voicing her opinion of her black sister-in-law. She spoke out about Moses choice of wife and turned to Aaron their brother for support. (Numbers 12)

David in a moment of intense passion, took another man’s wife and carefully strategized his murder by putting him on the frontline of the battle (2 Samuel 11). 

The one outstanding fact is – they all attended the courses taught by God. God has a merciful and gracious way of teaching us in our failures.  When we repent …God always restores. Godly sorrow leads only one way and that’s to repentance. 

Sin is knowing something is wrong , and defiently does it anyways, Sin cannot and should not be dealt with lightly. God disciplines us , but at the same time, in His grace, He wants to restore us completely. Failure is not a sign of weakness, but it’s a time to get back up on your feet and trust in the higher power of Christ to minister to us and to teach us the power of restoration. We are all sinners. Your sin may be different from my sin, but in God’s overview of our lives – we are all sinners. 

The Vision of The School of God is: ‘All people are equal before God. We are all sinners and God wants to bestow His grace on all.’

One of the classes I attended is: ‘How to endure hostility in a patient and gentle way’… How many times I’ve felt like fighting back when I find myself in a hostile environment. Attending classes at The School of God, has taught me how to leave it in the hands of God. God doesn’t encourage vengeance, He’s all about restoration, while our true enemy is about division. God is all about Restoration. He’s a restorer of relationships; families; homes; financies; health and happiness. 

God will save us not only from our enemies that are hostile or critical of us, but also from our very own sins that accuse and torments us. He’s a faithful God. There’s always a new beginning with God when we sincerely return to Him. His priority is to bring us back to the place of blessings and restoration. 

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