I’m Purpose Driven

There are THREE things in life you can’t recover: 

  1. The word after it’s said
  2. The moment after it’s missed
  3. The time after it’s gone

To live a life of purpose can happen once you have made up your mind that I need to change….Change from being negative. Change from seeing everything and everybody only through your own lenses. Change from self pity to freedom of enjoyment. Change from ‘I can’t to I can’. Change from fear to boldness, and certainly the list can go on and on based on your personality. 

Let’s look at the three things that can’t be recovered:

  1. The word after it’s said – how long will we as adults continue to thoughtlessly say things to, and about each other. Our words do matter, and once they leave our lips they instantly turn into arrows or hugs. How often we think of people’s faults and mistakes overlooking or concealing our very own? How many hours are accumulated in our lives when we speak without first thinking of how it will affect our listeners? 
  2. The moment after it’s missed – a missed moment is a regrettable moment, and nothing can be done to bring it back. There are times we live our lives so recklessly and thoughtlessly when interacting with others. Think about the last negative conversation you had with someone…did it leave you or the individual happier than you met them?  Did you look back with tons of regrets wishing for another opportunity to do it right? Or, have we become so cold and hard that it doesn’t bother us any more?
  3. The time after it’s gone – it’s important to keep in mind that you never get an opportunity to make a first impression twice. Time waits on no one. The clock of life ticks every second. Every hour we are breathing makes us one hour older. Those hours when accumulated turns into years. Living with regret can ruin our lives and destroy our destiny. 

The day I decided to start blogging was the day I decided to intentionally live my life with purpose. I wanted to write about my life’s journey for my own generations to come. I wanted to reach out to others sharing my experiences in life with the hope others can avoid some hurdles thereby creating lasting memories with their families and their circle of influence. We live in a very selfish world where people do not like to read their chapters out loud. But, they spend time reading other people’s chapters out loud with a critical and judgemental tone. 

Life always affords us opportunities to step outside the confinement of others, and challenge ourselves to live our lives with purpose. Becoming purpose driven gives you hope for a better and more beautiful tomorrow.

Let’s stop being judgemental of others and start living a purpose driven life. When our days on earth is expired, we will all have to give an account to God on what we did with our talent or talents. 

6 thoughts on “I’m Purpose Driven

  1. May we all embrace these truths and walk in them. “He that knoweth to do right, and doeth it not, to him, it is sin”. Thank you for these reminders.


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