Are you running scared?

If all you have is in found in your home, your office, your church, your car, your family and in your bank account, then you are in real trouble.

The world is in dire need of a leader to take us out of the mess that’s happening all around us. Citizens of countries all over the world are running scared because of the turmoil and violence. There’s no safe place. Murders are no longer confined between people seeking revenge. It’s happening in public places and very close to home – wherever your home may be. It’s happening on trains, planes, boats, cars, walking on the road and the saddest of all places – even in the church.

It’s heartbreaking to even imagine – how every individual thinks he has the answer…from the ordinary man on the street to kings and presidents. Recently, one of the candidates for president of the USA, boldly declared that he is the Law and Order person. I can unapologetically and boldly declare – no man, leader, president or King has the solution to the chaos in the world. This world needs a Saviour. We as travellers (we are going to die and leave this world) through this world has found ourselves in dire need of a Saviour.

Jesus forewarned us a long time ago:

How do we find peace of mind and heart when we read the newspaper, watch TV or speak to each other?  We find true peace in Jesus. The chaos in the world does not take God by surprise. He said a long time before now  – “in this world YOU WILL have tribulations. Whatever is happening around us is indeed tribulations. But, Jesus calmly and confidently reassured us ….”but TAKE COURAGE, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.”

 It’s unwise to ask, ‘where is God in all this mess? ”  

Well let me tell you where He is – He’s watching over His Word to perform it. He foretold this a long time ago even before we became fully aware of all the killings and chaos….He said, “So that in me you can have peace in this world…but take courage, I have overcome the world.”  True peace in a troubled world is found in Jesus Christ alone. Jesus is The Answer.

If all you have is found in your earthly possessions, then you are in real trouble. Jesus is all we absolutely need. 

We are going to die one way or the other at an unknown time …so to have the peace of facing our final moment on earth – is to know Jesus Christ. He’s a friend that stands closer to you than a brother. He wants you to say ‘yes’ and invite Him into your heart. It’s like a wedding proposal – He is the one asking the question and anxiously waiting for our response. Once we say ‘yes’  – He then takes complete ownership of our lives, and He becomes our protector, our defender, our rear guard and provider. 

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