How Long Have You Been Praying?

Why is it that sometimes our prayers are not answered when we have prayed, and prayed, and prayed? 

 Personally, I’ve had prayers that were not answered the way I expected, but I can with confidence say – In the end I appreciated the answer that God gave me. I remember the four times I prayed for a son, and four times God sent me daughters. Yes, I was disappointed, and yes, my husband was more disappointed than me. Our third daughter was even born  on my husband’s birthday …yep, we thought that our ever loving and gracious God was definitely giving us the son we prayed for. But nope… along came another girl. Our hearts were crushed then, but years after our fourth daughter was born, we both were able to look back and laugh along with God giving thanks for the precious gifts of our four daughters. 

God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way we expect Him to, but if we are willing to be open minded about the way God sometimes answers, we will see His incredible love for us. God sending us four daughters were our greatest combined blessings in our marriage. It’s so sweet to trust God’s answers. 

I can reassure you that this was NOT the only thing that God didn’t answer the way I wanted Him to, but every other time He didn’t, I was able to look back and feel increased growth and incredible strength flowing from the inside out. In the core of my heart I felt God telling me – it’s going to be okay…trust my decision.

I know what it feels like to see prayers not being answered the way we would like, but I can reassure you that whatever answer God chooses to give to you…it’s worth just saying, ‘God you know best’. Apostle Paul when he prayed three times for God to remove ‘a thorn in the flesh’, he was reminded by God that His grace will be sufficient to keep him living with his thorn. 

Sometimes when God answers outside of our expectations is because He desires to keep us humble, and to prevent us from being lifted up above measure, on account of the work He has in mind for us to do. God always brings the best out of those things that was meant to destroy us. If God really loves us, and He does-He will keep us from being exalted above measure. 

God  designs and overrules our decisions and choices for our good. When we bombard heaven with our prayers, be patient and take heart that God doesn’t always give us what we have asked for, but sometimes He denies our prayers in love for our long term good. 

God always gives us grace to wait on Him, so there’s no reason to complain.  He strengthens and comforts us in all our afflictions. His strength is made 100% perfect in our weaknesses. You can feel the stretch marks of strength while waiting on God. 

His answer maybe ‘no or not now’, but the answer will always be given in love. 

I’m still praying about many things over and over again, but I’ve been disciplined enough to wait on God. He really knows best. I can trust Him. I always allow Him to have the final say in my life.

God’s delay is never His denial. Just keep on praying. Whatever is the answer, it is well with my soul.’

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