Fireproof Your Blessings

When God shows up in your life He shows off. It’s difficult to hide God’s blessings in your life. Many people work and obtain stuff that nobody knows about … but …when God blesses you, it’s difficult to hide your blessings. 

There are folks who don’t clap for you when you win – take note of them but don’t focus OR allow them to steal your joy. WARNING – there are also folks who take great pride in helping the less fortunate, but are critical of others who do well. Watch out for those who don’t clap when you win – they are easy to spot because they are always few in numbers…but don’t focus OR allow them to steal your joy.

The verse above says, God promised to Jacob our forefather to take us out of Egypt and lead us into ‘the’ land He was giving us. Here’s the most beautiful and exciting part – “It’s a GOOD LAND FILLED with MANY good things. It was the MOST beautiful of all countries – When you follow and obey God wholeheartedly He shows up and shows off in your life. We only have ONE life that will soon be past.

It’s difficult to hide God’s blessings when you come out of Egypt. Egypt in the Bible is a place of hardship and oppression. It’s a place that God never intended for us to live, but rebelliousness and disobedience takes us there. Watch out for the spirit of rebelliousness and disobedience – it’s a place of consequences. 

When God says yes, nobody can say no… when God says no, nobody can say yes. God cannot reverse either a blessing or a promise. 

Fireproofing your blessings God’s way – “I told the family of Israel to throw away their horrible idols. I told them not to become filthy with those filthy statues from Egypt. I said, “I am the Lord your God.”  ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭20:7‬ ‭

Obtaining and keeping God’s blessings in your life is always very simple and practical – stay away from idols.  Idols are anything that takes the place of God in our lives. Idol worshipping distracts you from serving God. It’s important to break ties with stuff that keeps us in a form of bondage and idol worshipping. God speaks to families in the scripture above –  to get rid of horrible idols.

 Fireproofing your home and family blessings(legacy) calls for family ‘spring cleaning’. There are stuff we need to get rid of before God takes us as families into the land FULL of promised blessings. 

When He blesses us, it’s difficult for others not to see. When the blood was put on the door posts of the Israelites homes, it was visible to the death angel. Homes that are blessed by God are always visible and hard to miss. 

God promised to take us out of Egypt (a place of lack) into a good land FILLED with MANY good things. This is the Word of God. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light that most frightens us. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Go brave and walk in obedience to God’s Word fireproofing your blessings, your home, your children, and your spouse. God’s got your back!!!

8 thoughts on “Fireproof Your Blessings

  1. Proverbs 10:23
    The blessing of the LORD makes rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

    Psalm 144:1
    I pray that the our blessed Lord continue to give you strength as he teaches your hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

    Keep on writing June.


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