If It Doesn’t Fit – Don’t Wear It 

David was given everything  a soldier who is at war needed to fight with and to kill his enemy. The only thing is, David wasn’t a soldier, he was a shepherd boy. His big brothers despised and ridiculed him. They thought nothing of him than just being the little brother seeking public attention. Little did they know about David’s heart….they didn’t know he had the heart of a lion. David’s fearless heart and confidence in God was all the armour that he needed to bring down the fearless giant. All David had naturally going for him was his shepherd’s skill – a sling shot and five little stones. He was not a soldier, but only a shepherd boy. He didn’t need to pretend to be a man of war.

****If it doesn’t fit well- don’t wear it!!!

Here’s something perhaps we can learn from this – God cannot work with who we pretend to be. If I am going to fulfill God’s purpose in my life, then being me is important to fulfilling MY God-given purpose on earth.  From the day I arrived on planet earth, God carefully stashed away inside of me – my gifts, talents and abilities. I shudder to think how awful God must feel if I am not happy being me and if I’m not comfortable wearing my own garments. God really hates pretense – it insults His handiwork and His creativity when He knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 

It’s an insult to God’s wisdom and creativity if I want to be like my sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors, celebrities etc. God carefully thought that I would be awesome being just 5′ 2″  instead of 6 ft…whenever I’m tempted to dislike anything about me- I deeply consider how God would feel about my complaint – I drop my negative thoughts , skip along and walk away like a 5′ 2″ Princess.

 I’ve been blessed with the ability to know when I fit in and when I feel like a misfit. 

I remember attending cocktail events as a corporate wife. I reluctantly attended those events – the easiest part was getting all dressed up, but I had a role to play as a corporate wife. The challenge wasn’t the cocktail reception conversations, or the excited plans for the high achievers recognition, neither the lovely people I had to mingle with once a year – it just wasn’t something I was never overly excited to attend, it just wasn’t my comfort zone. 

****It didn’t fit me well on the inside !

Now send me to church (I’m a church girl) and that becomes a whole different scenario. I love going to church, I love my church family. I consider my relationship with church like a marriage – once I commit, I stick with it.You may think I’m different, I’m a loser, I’m strange, I’m no fun to be around ….and you maybe 100% correct based on your perception…but that’s where being different is not bad. I know who I am. I am not comfortable pretending to be comfortable because I want to be accepted or approved by the majority, but I’m happy just being me. God took nine months to make me an orginal and not a carbon copy of someone else, so I am comfortable being unique and different – It’s actually less work and no over thinking. 

I’m planning on leaving this earth happy being me and maximizing all my gifts and talents. I’m happy I don’t have to wait to be lying in a hospital bed or to hear I have a few months to live to decide to give God my awful  years. I was created to serve God and I am happy doing just that – I don’t have a secret desire to be anything other than who I am. 

8 thoughts on “If It Doesn’t Fit – Don’t Wear It 

  1. Loving you always just the way you are. GOD, in HIS wisdom, has placed us in families and different relationships, where our uniqueness is needed. Awesome GOD!


  2. I love you and happy you are my older sister because you setup a good example for me to follow. I am me and I know I am wonderfully created by the creator. Your blog is a daily reminder to me, to live the best that God as created to be.
    Keep writing


  3. Yes! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made . In His own image and likeness. In this is am thankful. My soul knows very well.

    We are all equal….no matter your status.

    Thanks June. Keep writing.



  4. We can only be happy when we are authentic. I agree with you. I am someone who hates pretense. I always believe that as long as God is pleased with me, that is all that matters.


  5. Reblogged this on Amazing Grace and commented:

    First published on August 1, 2016. New blogs are coming on January 9, 2017. Trust you will enjoy reading – “If it doesn’t fit – don’t wear it”….Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with my reblogging posts. Thank you 🙏🏾


  6. Dearest Junie, I admire your faithfulness and discipline in keeping your focus on your commitment. Looking forward to your new blogs after the Christmas hiatus. Blessings and love always! 💞 👭 💝


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