Refresh Your Status 

How many times do we want to pray, but we feel: 

  • we are not worthy
  • we are not perfect
  • God don’t know my name
  • I tell lies
  • I am dishonest
  •  I steal
  • I curse
  • I smoke
  • I drink  heavily 
  • I live recklessly
  • I just don’t know how  to talk to God

Well I’ve got breaking news for you?  Our Heavenly Father has no interest in perfect or good people. Perfect people DO NOT need a Saviour. Heaven will be filled with everyone who were not perfect but forgiven. …those who realized that   they needed a higher power to take them out of darkness into light. 

We have this inaccurate perception of God – we think He’s a hard and fearful judge who only sees our imperfection and has sentenced us to live a life of hell on earth because we have been bad. We go as far as believing that life will never get better for us…. God will not hear my prayers. He doesn’t love me because I don’t go to church. So, we settle quietly and contentedly in our messed up life because we feel unworthy of anything good. We accept hardship and pain as our lot in life.

I’ve got news for you:  If I am wrong about God then I have wasted my life. But, if you are wrong about my God then you have wasted your life here and after. I think it’s time to refresh your status with God.

God does speak but only to those who know how to listen. He listens to every one who prays. God is the best listener, you don’t need to shout nor cry out loud. He hears even the wordless prayers (tears and sighs) because He looks at the sincerity of our hearts.

People listen to you conditionally based on their availability , but God listens to you all the time because He’s a loving, caring Father. God hears our prayers no matter what method we use: when we are singing those old Sunday School songs we learned as children; when we are speaking directly to Him;  or even if our thoughts are so overwhelming that we cannot say one word  – our thoughts can be turned into prayers by sharing them with  God. Even our actions can be turned into a prayer when we bow our heads and close our eyes through exhaustion. God can interpret whispers and tears. Words don’t really impress Him. He’s only interested in the heart. He’s a heart specialist.

A relationship with God is just like having a relationship with a friend, spouse, a parent  or a coworker – it’s only done by spending time with Him. 

It’s time to upgrade our status with God!!! He’s always on call. Our connection is Jesus, that’s why He came to earth to prove His love for us. Jesus prays for us. We have a prayer partner. Let’s do this!!!

4 thoughts on “Refresh Your Status 

  1. Thank you Lord for sending your son (Jesus) to die on the cross for my sins, I can go boldly to the throne and have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous one🙏🏽. Amen😀

    Continue to allow God to use your hands and fingers to bless others. 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽



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