Discovering your Potential 

The Oxford dictionary meaning of Potential is: having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. In other words, potential is – what we can do but have not yet accomplished. Most of us are not aware of our full potential until someone who sees greatness within us and then draws it to our attention. We are so hard on ourselves that our giftings and capabilities get stifled and buried into our insecurity. 

Sometimes we are afraid to shine bright for fear that those we walk among is not being intimidated by our light. Many times we are afraid of criticism, so we camoflage our giftings and capabilities to avoid standing out…resisting the risk of being jeered at.

Developing our potential calls for faith, trust, hope, confidence, love and attitude. 

We must believe that we were all created with great potential. God never made a ‘nobody’.  Our potential can be easily detected and revealed by the things we are most passionate about.  What makes you excited? Or better yet – What makes me excited? I’m always excited about family; encouraging the faint hearted; and doing things for others who are not capable of returning the favor.  I enjoy seeing the potential in others and working with them to bring it out.

Growing up, I don’t recall anyone ever inspiring me in my youth or calling out my strengths. My weaknesses were often bought to my attention with no help on how to correct them. I fought hard to become the person I am today, and out of those experiences …I am now able to quickly see the potentials in others. It’s with great excitement I bring others closer to the greatness bound up inside of them. 

I consider one of my greatest strengths – being an encourager. I have the gift of removing torn up rags from others and together we create a Queen or King. I can detect hurts in others like a doctor can detect a malfunctioning organ in the body. I’ve had countless opportunities to meet women who were hidden by their insecurities and failures …and show them their potential to blossom and bloom wherever they were planted.  I become so excited when I see them confidently walking into their destiny and calling. I know my job is over and it’s yet another graduation of high achievers. 

I taught my girls when they were growing up…and now my grandkids a song that became like a nursery rhyme in our home that goes like this:

” I am a Promise, I am a Possibllity, I am a Promise with a capital ‘P’, I am a great big bundle of Potentiality, and if you listen, you will hear God’s voice, and if you are trying, He will help you make the right choice, you can be anything, anything God wants you to be.”

Today, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to shine bright. When you play small, you do nothing to help those around you. Rise up, see your strengths and the things you enjoy doing with ease – and make things happen. You are one step away from achieving your full potential. Liking what you do is Happiness. 

5 thoughts on “Discovering your Potential 

  1. These words were written for me😔.
    It’s a great reminder to know that I am a promise, I am possibility.

    For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praise the Lord!!!!

    June, thanks again for the encouraging word.



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