Don’t Curse The Process

Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we want Him to. Many times we question His timing  when we are in a rush to have favourable answers right away. We become increasingly anxious about the matter at hand by overthinking which leads to unwarranted stress. Then, unfortunately God’s timing and not our faith becomes questionable. 

We oftentimes fail in our waiting period and curse the process. We either decide to rush and help God, or become very tempted to give up because we simply cannot wait any longer on God. We are so impatient and oftentimes fail in our ‘waiting on God’ period …because we focus solely on the timing of the immediate need or challenge. We spend little or no time reassuring ourselves that everything will happen in God’s timing. 

My greatest lesson in my Christian life was taught to me when I had to wait on God’s timing.  Faith is NOT about EVERY THING we pray about turning out okay…but, faith is trusting the process that no matter how things work out I would still be okay because God sees way ahead of my very limited view.

Don’t curse the process of the waiting period – we are never losers when we are totally depending on God. God understands our prayers, He understands our tears, and He is fully aware that we are waiting on Him. It takes faith to look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that those hurts, scars, bruises, and trials will become your greatest and most valuable credentials one day. The waiting period makes a great resume…you survived that which was supposed to kill you.

Strong Christians don’t play victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful, and they don’t point fingers at others. People of faith consistently and without wavering choose to stand on God’s promises and simply wait on God. It takes nothing to join the crowd of those who give up during the ‘waiting on God’ process, but it TAKES EVERYTHING  in you to be the ONLY one standing on the promises of God. 

A sure sign of your strength is how determined you are to just wait on God. Trust the process. It’s always about the STRENGTH of your faith, and never about the circumstances, the issues at hand, the delay, the waiting period, or the people around you. It’s always a FAITH thing that you will never fully understand. 

The only way to worry about nothing – is to keep on praying about everything. 

7 thoughts on “Don’t Curse The Process

  1. O Lord I thank you for allowing June to write profound words. Let these words remind and encourage us that there is crown of glory waiting for us in heaven, after we have patiently endure all things on earth.

    May God Continue to bless and prosper your hands as he give you grace and favor.



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