Stop The Dialogue 

Numbers 24:1 says, “Now when Balaam saw that it pleased the LORD to bless Israel, he DID NOT go as other times, to seek to use sorcery, but he set his face towards the wilderness.”

The scripture above confirms what God has been saying to us for most of our adult life –> when God is pleased with you and He blesses you, no individual or any form of witchcraft can override God’s blessings on your life.  

Balaam was sent by Balak to put curses on Israel because they were growing mighty in numbers. God who knows every plot of the enemy intercepted the attacks and stopped Balaam dead in his tracks. God commanded Balaam to bless Israel warning him NOT to curse His people. 

As God’s children…you must be confident that He’s keeping watch over your lives and everything that concerns you. Your home, your job, your marriage, your children, your health, and your business are blessed by God. God has confirmed His protection against any evil form of darkness or plot against your life, and it cannot be reversed.

The devil’s only job is to aimlessly walk around the entire earth looking for ways to curse and frustrate believers and non believers alike. His job is to let folks get so scared of the noisy sounds of battles that they lose heart and quit just like that. 

But I hear a sound, and it’s the sound of the thunderous voice of God declaring over His children, “You shall NOT curse the people.” The battles of illness, fear, brokenness, failures and losses of any kind are only opportunities for God to show up and make a public display of the enemy. What concerns God is —> how strong is our faith. Do we really trust God to fight for us? Resist the urge to be intimidated by the distracting sounds of war. God cannot reverse His blessings, so just stand still and allow God to declare His Word over our lives.

Let’s muster every Godly strength we have and stand secure in the fact that no curses can work against a child of God. NONE!! I declare based upon the Word of God that every opposition that is warring against our family, our mind, and our territories is already losing wind. The demonic forces are looking towards the wilderness and not at you….It CANNOT be activated or enforced. God is not like man, that He would lie or repent for things spoken. Whatever He has spoken, He will do. 

The Lord Himself is fighting on our behalf. Don’t be intimidated by the sound of war. Stay in the Word of God and allow God’s promises to consume our thoughts. Our walk with God is a walk of faith. Our thinking and mindset activates our faith. Refuse to be intimidated with the activities that are taking place around us. Refuse to run for cover. There’s no witchcraft or demonic powers that can defy God’s command. Build your faith on God’s promises and walk in peace. 

Stop the mental dialogue with the enemy. It’s God’s battles so let Him do the talking and fighting. 

Walk like a Champion and let them wonder how you do it. The devil has gotten his warning already that we are God’s blessed people. Now, it’s left up to us to recognize and believe who we are in Christ….It’s a Faith Thing no one can really understand. 

4 thoughts on “Stop The Dialogue 

  1. Isaiah 54:17
    “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD”.

    Praise the Lord.

    Great words again June💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽.



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