The Power of Agreement

We do not live on an island alone. We are surrounded by people who likes us, fights for us, hates us, kills us, defends us, and opposes us…and certainly the list can go on and on. But, it’s important for us if we want to win; to live in peace; and to become successful – we must be selective with the people we choose to be part of our inner circle. We communicate with our mouths, we see with our eyes, we listen with our ears, and our feet takes us places we want to go ….so what’s my point? 

Points to ponder on:

  1. What we SPEAK we become. The things we speak about in our inner circle of friends is what our minds will be consumed with. Our thoughts become words …our words become action, and then our true character is quickly formed. 
  2. Our EYES are the windows to our souls. It’s important for us and those in our circle to be very cautious what we choose to look at. What you view stays with you and determines what you meditate on, and what you meditate on becomes who you are. 
  3. Our EARS are the gateway to what we listen to…and what we listen to…determines what we believe in, or what we will argue or fight about. We must guard what we hear or listen to if we want to be happy or to win in life. We listen with our two ears, therefore, we should be doubly cautious in what we listen to, because eventually the message goes in and lives in our soul
  4. Our FEET take us in good or bad places. The good thing is – our feet will only go where we choose to go. Our feet don’t get the opportunity to walk anywhere without our will power. Our feet will go wherever our mind takes us. 
  5. Our ACTIONS speak louder than our words. Our actions mirrors what our heart is quietly saying. It expresses our deepest thoughts and it can make us look good or bad depending on the things our heart is concealing.

So what’s my point? Be cautious of the folks we choose to be part of our inner circle. You become like the people who you spend the most time with. 

Become increasingly cautious when we say any of the following things: ‘This is my friend for life”, ‘My ride or die’, ‘My girl’, ‘My Bonnie and Clyde’ etc …before knowing ALL you can about those individuals. 

Soul ties are NOT easily broken. The Power of coming into agreement with anyone, about anything – is a life sentence in itself. It  can have significant impact on our lives and those directly connected to us like our children, spouses and our legacy. Our friendships will determine whether we live or die based on our agreements.

The Power of Agreement can only be done between one or more people. You can be blessed or cursed with your choices and decisions that you make. God said, “I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it; for you have little strength, and have kept my word, and hast not denied it.” Revelations 3:8 ….God knows our works, He knows what we do, He listens to our secret conversations, His eyes roam all over the earth, and He is aware of everywhere we go. He sets before us an open door – so choose wisely.

Walk with the wise, and you will become wise. Walk with people of like faith, and your faith will grow greater. Walk with fools, and you will become like them. The Power of agreement brings life or death. The choice is always left up to us. God never chooses for us. Find people who truly reflects who you want to become. What’s the legacy you want to leave after you have gone? You don’t get another opportunity to live over your life, so choose wisely the folks in your inner circle. 

6 thoughts on “The Power of Agreement

  1. As brother Murchie used to say, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Wise advice, Junie. Blessings!


  2. Very true admonition! The older I get the more I understand the power of the “company” you keep. I have become more deliberate in my choices and see the impact of other’s choices on their character. This is a good reminder! So very true. Thanks for your words of wisdom mom!


  3. Hmmmmm!!!…..When all have failed we can still stand and sing
    “what a friend we have in Jesus
    All our sins and griefs to bear
    and what a privilege to carry
    everything to God in prayer”. Hallelujah!!!!!


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