Comparison Is A Thief 

We have heard that ‘Comparison is a thief of happiness’ and this has proven to be very true. If you ever felt ugly, fat, envious, short, tall, too dark, too pale, too poor, or you have become bitter…chances are – you  have been silently competing with others. Well, I’ve got breaking news for you – the people you admire or want to be like, they too struggle with tons of insecurities just like you.
You communicate to your mind what your heart is telling you. Your mind believes everything you tell it. Owning up to who you are and loving yourselves is a true form of courage. Your happiness is more important than trying to impress someone that you are either in their category or that you’re better than them. It’s a very sad life when you cheat yourself from being yourself. 

Why do we struggle with insecurities?  Because we want people to approve us, like us, love us, validate us, and to accept us. But if you are obsessed with seeking other people’s approval or envious of their lifestyles, you will never be truly happy. Happiness comes when you prioritize your goals and go after it with tons of confidence. You’ve got to believe in yourself. Go for progress without trying to be perfect. 

When I thought about writing my blogs, the first thing came to my mind was – what if I fail at it and folks criticize or intimidate me. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about writing my experiences in a healthy way to teach others the valuable lessons I’ve learnt along my journey in life – so I venture out without seeking approval from anyone. I have to believe in myself before others can believe in me. 

Don’t compare your progress with others, we all travel at different speeds. Stop worrying about what others think of you. There will always be folks in your circle who will whisper your successes behind closed doors without publicly saying a word to you to encourage or support you….just keep on doing you until you have accomplished goal after goal. Stay close friends to those who inspire and motivate you. You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around. 

Praying we all win 🏆

4 thoughts on “Comparison Is A Thief 

  1. Love this word, Junie. Life can be so much more stressfree if we are not so hard on ourselves. Love you! Love what you do! 👭💞


  2. Encouraging words again June. When we esteem other more highly than ourselves, as well as, encourage and motivate others. We can find it difficult to compare and compete with others knowing that we are all one body in Christ having different function.

    Love, love, love & kisses😘


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