Jesus is The Storm Whisperer

God’s primary purpose in our Christian walk is always to increase our Faith. Faith comes by hearing and believing the promises of God which totally challenges our seeing and then believing mindset. The true testing of our faith comes when we face temptation, death, loneliness, suicidial thoughts, and anxiety to list a few. No one goes through any form of learning without writing a test. Testing proves if we understood the lessons we were taught. 

The testing of your faith comes through storms (chaos) in your lives. Most of us are scared of storms because they create fear and panic. But facing storms when Jesus is in your boat always turns out to be a heroic moment as we witness Jesus calmly speaking to the winds, and they obey Him. The best thing about having Jesus as a companion or friend is the fact He will never leave us alone. He walks with us through the storms and testing. 

Jesus is the Storm Whisperer. Even the winds obey Him. It takes tough times to make you know how strong you are, so don’t despise the tough times. When there’s a crisis and your faith is put to the test, only then can you prove if your confidence is totally dependant on the Prince of Peace. You cannot be scared and confident at the same time. It’s never about the size of your storm or crisis, but your Storm Whisperer. 

Jesus brings peace when we trust Him with our lives. When there are storms, He creates and calls out the stars; when there is chaos, He majestically creates composure; when there’s a crisis, our Christ appears; and when there’s death, He sends the Comforter. All of these amazing facts are results of our Faith in The Omnipresent God. He’s the God that’s always on time and everywhere, and He is The Orginial Storm Whisperer. 

At the end of the day – He is still in control of the wind and the sails in our lives. Every challenge is a faith opportunity to test you and to prove if you will trust God’s faithfulness in your life issues. Nothing that happens to us in life can defy God’s creative powers. The harder the test is the greater the victory. 

There’s never a power struggle between God and the devil. The devil is fully aware that he’s incapable of going against God. It’s really only us as humans that are terrified of the roaring sound of the storms, but… our God isn’t. The peaceful voice of our God can calm the raging seas, and stops the roaring sounds of the enemy. 

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