Fight For Your Family

It’s a mistake for children to grow up feeling a sense of entitlement based on the acquisitions of materialistic stuff. Being proud; confident;  and secure because of their family name; earthly possessions; inheritance; or the various levels of education acquired during their lifetime – is a failure on the part of the home – if God was never acknowledged during the journey. 

Life takes many turns and with a wink of an eye – companies can file bankruptcy; parents can become gravely ill, and be cheated by gullible and dishonest business partners; children can get killed by a drunk or distracted driver; and finally, no amount of earthly possessions can replace the call of death. It’s called Vanity in the Book of Ecclesiastes. 

Families who include God in everything have found the secret to true happiness and the meaning of success. Incuding God in everything you do, brings about stability and fulfillment in life. A successful family walks with God; Stays with God; and understands the value of having God on their side – The three cords (God, man and family)  is not easily broken. The devil would just love to see you quit and for your family to be torn apart. You have to decide that your family is worth fighting for and fight for it. 

” Whoever wants to enter a strong man’s house MUST first tie him up. Then they can steal the things from his house.” Mark 3:27 

Meaning – The man or the single parent of the home must be absent or inattentive  for someone to come to steal or destroy the home/family. 

When God is The Head of your home – There’s not a chance that the thief is coming into that home to steal or to destroy it.

Our family has a Divine Purpose. Families are Created with Destiny. They have full Potential to be anything God wants them to be. A God fearing family knows and understands their generational legacy, and it’s a legacy worth fighting for. Our families are going to make Heaven if we continue to fight on our knees for each other. 

Our goal must always be – to point our family to God. Our spouses and our children need our prayers. Our adult children are required and expected to do the same for their children and their individual homes. No more immature saying, ‘Mommy is praying – so we are covered.’ We all must fight for each other on our knees. Prayer is a powerful tool and can be used anytime…In tears, in happiness, and even on a sick and dying bed.

Our children are a sign from the LORD – He uses them to show His plans for His people.

Never doubt the power of your prayers. Even on days when you don’t feel like praying, or on days when there’s no visible signs of a breakthrough after praying – just keep on praying!!

6 thoughts on “Fight For Your Family

  1. Another powerful word of exhortation and encouragement. May the blessings you share be multiplied back to you and family many times over! 👭💞


  2. May God’s promises and purpose be fulfill and his love continue to shine in the hearts of you and your family.



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