What’s Next After The Brook Is Dried Up?

A brook is a small stream of water. On a hot day, you might enjoy immersing your feet in the water to simply relax, thinking of nothing special or deep. But, what if the brook dries up? What’s next? 

Speaking figuratively let’s think of how many kinds of brooks can we come up with? There are brooks of: Faith; Hope; Laughter; Joy; Fulfillment; Strength; Courage; Fortitude; Endurance, and the list can go on and on. It’s very possible over a lifetime for many of the same brooks to repetitively dry up. Life is made up of countless high and low moments – both should never be despised. 

Most of us immediately wonder if God has departed from us when …whatever the name of our brook is – has dried up. Even Jesus in Gethsemane prayed, “Father, if it is at all possible let this cup pass from me. But, nevertheless, not my will but thine.'” The first thing we need to do when our brook dries up -is to look to God to see what He wants us to do next. The truth is – God is The One who orders our brooks, names them, allows them to dry up, and sends us on to our ‘Zarephath’ (a place of refining).

Many times we feel that our situations are permanent – both good ones and bad ones. When life is good, we feel that it will remain permanently that way. And the same is true when bad times come along… But it’s important to remember that life dishes out variable experiences. When our brook dries up, it’s time to wait on God rather than make hasty or ill advised decisions. Psalms 27:14 says, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say on the Lord.” 

We must wait on the Lord even when our Faith fails; Hope gone; Laughter is no more; Fulfillment is no longer there; Strength is gone; Courage has failed; and your list can be added on…You can ask ‘Why wait?’ The answer is, ‘Waiting produces Patience’. As humans we hate to wait. Whether it’s on God; in traffic; in lines;  but, the truth is – for patience to have its perfect way…there must be some form of waiting. Things don’t happen overnight but will happen in due time – if we faint not.

When we have done all we could do and have asked God for His direction, then we can take the step of faith and go on to our ‘Zarephath’ – a place where God always provides – prayer group, church, or any place of good spiritual counselling and Godly agreements. God’s provision is always consistent and He never fails us even when our brook dries up and everything is gone. Elijah knew his dependency was founded or based on God’s faithfulness so he humbled himself to hear and wait for God’s direction.

My most difficult experiences taught me to wait on God. Today, I can write out of those difficult experiences because I have been there; still there; may be there tomorrow – but I know, yes I KNOW that God will continue to order my steps. I’m confident that I still have many more Chapters to write.  I’m grateful that I’m not alone in my journey to The Promise Land – I know God stands before me and behind me. 


7 thoughts on “What’s Next After The Brook Is Dried Up?

  1. The scripture says ‘lo I am with you All the way”; the song says – “God is fighting for us”

    He never stops.

    Good word.


  2. Isaiah 40:29
    God giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

    Thanks again my friend great words of inspiration.



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