Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage is the feelings you carry from past lifetime experiences that have left you feeling drained, hurt, vulnerable, angry, rejected, having strong feelings of regret, tons of guilt, and volumes of fear. Life brings a variety of emotions through everyday experiences that can either destroy us, or – we can have the option to become stronger out of it…It all depends how you choose to carry your emotional baggage. You may get some sort of comfort to know that EVERYONE in life COMES WITH their own emotional BAGGAGE. 

I came across this picture recently in a daily newspaper I was reading and right away I thought …that’s a heavy baggage/load he’s carrying on a long winding road with no companion in sight. He looks like it’s not a big deal, but who is to know how this young man  really felt about the baggage/load he was carrying.

As a citizen of Planet Earth, I’ve had my fair share of emotional baggage coming out of many difficult real life experiences. I learnt during my bitterly dry emotional seasons that my tears were actually the water God used to wet my seeds of greatness that were buried deep within me. I realized late in my life that I couldn’t move further ahead if I didn’t lighten my emotional baggage. I had to make a choice to let go of past stuff. I had to make a deliberate choice to forgive people in my past without seeking revenge or confronting them of things wrongfully done to me. It still remains an ongoing choice that I make every day, and you will have to, if you want to keep moving in the right direction. 

When  I chose to release the weight of my emotional baggage, I was in fact setting myself free to soar. I learnt that it absolutely had NOTHING to do with – who, what, when, and how. Those details can keep us tied to the events and people that CAN travel back as far as our early childhood or even further during our Mother’s pregnancy through hurts in her life. Really… which right thinking progressive adult needs to be held ransom to their UNCHANGEABLE  Past…. It’s history my dear friends, and nothing you do will allow you to start over from where it all began. 

Choose to cut the cords of a dysfunctional life; records stored in diaries; repetitive shared bad memories;  unforgiveness; generational curses; and unwanted drama. Life really can be great if you choose to stop the negative chatter in your head. Your tears can actually be used to water the greatness chained inside of you – if you would allow God to heal your hurts. Go ahead and challenge those dark awful voices in your head. Self pity never produces anything great. It is a big deal if your emotional baggage is weighing you down – don’t  pretend it isn’t. Get up and conquer your fears knowing fully well that God’s got your back. Let people wonder how you did it. Then you can share your message how letting go and letting God …made you a CHAMPION ! 

Hold on to God’s Word. Pray. Don’t give in to fear. Set boundaries. Forgive yourself and others. LET GO OF THE OPINION OF OTHERS. Don’t become a victim of pleasing others while you remain unhappy with their choices. Get up and rule YOUR WORLD. 

May you allow the LORD to give you STRENGTH !!

6 thoughts on “Emotional Baggage

  1. Thanks again my friend these words touch my soul.

    According to the sound writer
    “Woman, thou art loosed,
    From all the years of bondage,
    From the pain and abuse.
    Woman, woman, thou art loosed”.



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