Why Anchors are Important 

An anchor is a very important safety equipment on a ship or any sea vessel. Before the captain of the ship prepares for a stay in the bay, he carefully explores the location and circumstances such as the tides , depth of the waters, and distance from dangerous obstacles. Many times after a shipwreck the only evidence left behind marking the spot is the anchor. 

The most exciting news for all of God’s children is, He has readily provided an anchor for each of us in Himself. God has carefully explored the location where we live, work, and travel. He has assessed the changing tides of circumstances we face; He understands the depth of chaos and confusion we many times have to endure; He is fully aware of the dangers we face ….and the good news is, He still remains our anchor. Like the ship’s anchor – after a shipwreck in our lives like a divorce; a bad friendship; a sick child, parent, spouse; a death in the family; lost opportunities; etc ….Jesus is The ONLY Evidence that is left behind. We wonder how on earth did we make it through another day.

Psalms 93:4 says, “Mightier than the waves of the Sea is His love for you.” Life’s roughest storms always prove the strength of our anchors. God has provided an anchor the first moment of our arrival on planet earth. We just were never made aware of it ….until we became adults and witness for ourselves how many times we thought we wouldn’t make it, and we did. Sometimes, the fight we feel inside of us when things are sinking all around us – is the anchor of God’s love. Those are the moments we can look back at, and say to ourselves “I REFUSE TO SINK.” 

Give yourself some credit – you don’t always win some battles but at least you know that you fought. Having courage to face some challenges doesn’t mean we are not afraid. Yes, fear is always part of any journey …but having courage means we are courageous enough not to allow the ghost of fear to stop us. Refuse to sink. 

Our strength and confidence in God as our anchor is only tested in the storms and discomfort of life’s journey. Don’t hate the difficult times, but be grateful that we can test the strength of God’s love as we totally depend on HIM as the anchor. 

What you tell yourself in the rocky waters of life, will either lift you higher than the big waves or cause you to sink. We were equipped with an anchor at birth, but the strength of the anchor is only felt from the first wave of trouble. You are not going to sink if Jesus is your anchor. 

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