The first time I heard “The Dash” poem was at a friend’s funeral many years ago. Since then I have from time to time pondered on this poem- to keep me humble, to remain sensitive of how fragile life really is, and how important it is to make my life count. 

The date of our birth brings joy and excitement, and the date of our departure from earth brings sadness and varied emotions. But what really matters the most is that little dash between the years that will be placed on our casket and tombstone. 

The little dash represents all the time we spent on earth. At the end of our years on earth, that small and somewhat insignificant dash between those years will speak volumes of the life we lived here on Planet Earth. It doesn’t matter what our material possessions may be; what our bank accounts look like; or what our degrees and diplomas represent – what matters the most is: HOW we live … HOW we love … HOW we choose to spend our dash. 

We never know how much time we have left to love the people in our lives like we have never loved them before. If we stop and think how important and special that little dash is…and remember that it may only last a little while from this day – will it make a huge difference how we treat each other? Will we choose to quickly forgive and ignore hurts and offenses as they come? Will we treat others with respect and honor if we knew our life was ending? Will ongoing family fights still be a big deal?  That little dash makes a huge difference at the end of your life.  It speaks unapologetically and open to the world at large of HOW we lived our life. 

Maybe we should pause awhile from our hectic life and try to imagine what our eulogy would sound like. If people rehash things we did or how we treated them – will it make a difference?  Will we be proud of what others will say about how we spent our dash? 

Represent JESUS in ALL you do ! Your life is made of two dates and a dash. Make the most of the dash. 

6 thoughts on “Reflection 

  1. Good words to ponder and to help us decide how we finish our journey. Let us encourage each other to good works, to be the best version of ourselves.
    Blessings, Junie 👭


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