What’s next after the end of broken dreams?

I started writing my blog on May 4, 2016, it’s been five months to date. I viewed my Stats today and learnt that I had people from a total of 25 countries across the world who have read and are following my blogs. 

I am eternally grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to reach people around the world through this medium. My sole purpose for starting my blog was to share the amazing love of God through my life’s experiences, with the hope that if I can help one person – it would have been worth it all. 

My blog is specifically designed to help people who may have a challenge applying the scripture to their everyday lives based on their limited knowledge of who God really is. If I can take a risk to become vulnerable to the world through sharing my life’s experiences to save one person from quitting and giving up on God, it was worth my time. God wants to be included in all of our everyday lives to make us true Champions. 

I try to share my perspective in the simplest form on my selected scripture of the day. Other times, I share personal experiences showing God’s hands upon my life. 

I wanted a way to share my faith in God and to tell the world that Jesus is the only solution to life’s problems. I do NOT claim to be an authoritative voice on Theology or defending Christ (I don’t believe that Christ or His works need to be defended since truth can stand on its own strength) but, I am confident that no one can argue what God has done in my life. My experiences that I share through my blogs (check archives) and my testimony of God’s incredible faithfulness in my life are my proof that God can heal brokenness; turns messy situations into a messsge; can prove that Christ can appear in any crisis; and every test turns into a testimony. 

Yesterday morning while reading the newspaper, I came across a heartbreaking story of a famous rapper who went public announcing that he was checking himself into rehab.

Here is his article:

In the article he mentioned a few important things that grabbed my attention: 

  • He checked into rehab grappling with anxiety and depression throughout his life
  • He has suicidal urges 
  • He confessed he is not at peace, and hasn’t been since the first day his followers knew him eight years ago 
  • He said that if he didn’t check into rehab he would have done something to himself
  • His own words: “I simply am a damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions everyday of my life. There’s a raging violent storm inside of my heart at all times.”
  • He wrote he didn’t know what peace was like or how to relax. 
  • He mentioned that anxiety and depression had ruled his life as long as he can remember and he never leaves the house because of it
  • He said he doesn’t trust anyone because of it
  • He’s tired of being held back in his life
  • He says, he deserves to have peace
  • He apologizes repeatedly in his post
  • He said, he is scared, sad, and he feels that he’s let a lot of people down
  • He agrees that it’s time to fix himself
  • That he’s nervous but he’s going to get through this 
  • He said that he used drugs to cope with his depression 
  • He struggled being in the spotlight with depression for eight years
  • He pretended to be happy when really he was living a nightmare 
  • He confessed that he had everything he ever dreamed of in terms of stability, but hasn’t been living the reality because of depression 
  • He signed off the post with his birth name

This American rapper’s story drew support from other artists like himself who said, they cried reading his letter and they can relate on so many levels with him. They thanked him for his courage. 

As sad, heartbreaking, and disturbing as his story sounds, this rapper famously known and admired for his music by thousands upon thousands, told himself – ‘there must be more to life. I will get up and get help.’  I couldn’t agree more with him – there is more to life. Depression is an illness, and professional help is needed. When someone is aware that their life has taken a downward spiral, and voluntarily checks themselves into rehab – it’s a positive sign that there’s hope for that individual. It’s impossible to help anyone who doesn’t believe they need help. So kudos to this super man, and the many others who may now consider their own personal fate.

We all know that doctors have their limitations, and doctors are also aware of their own limitations. So based on this widely known fact, what are the options for someone suffering with depression for many years and the doctors have exhausted all their knowledge, experiences and theories?

Many times medications and prescriptions cannot cure a chronic case of depression. Handling deep rooted fear, frustrations, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, loneliness,  etc calls for a higher power that is only found in God our Creator. Since God is the One who created us, then, he knows how to repair and restore our mind, body, soul and spirit. He puts the broken pieces of our lives together. He has the original master design for each and every one of us. 

 Jesus is the greatest comforter and healer who compassionately nurtures and cares for those who have fallen, and wounded, and battered along the way. When Jesus touches a wounded man or woman there’s no residue of pain and hurt that’s left. He perfects everything that concerns us, and our lives become a living testimony. 

Prayer is powerful and prayer can heal all emotional wounds. We can trust God with our yesterdays, today, and our tomorrows. He stands close to us when we call on Him to give us strength.

People need the Lord at the end of their broken dreams. 

We are called to take the light to a dying world.  Depression is an illness. People must be given Hope, and Hope can only come from our Creator who knows how to repair and restore His children. 

Everyday we pass people who are hurting. May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to respond, and a prayer to offer on their behalf. 

Jesus is the answer ✝️

8 thoughts on “What’s next after the end of broken dreams?

  1. Congratulations, Junie, on your 5 month milestone. I look forward to reading your blog daily, Monday to Friday, as you share what is on your heart. Blessings as you continue writing!
    I love you forever 👭💝


    1. Merry, thank you for believing in me and supporting my blog over your the last five months. Thank you for posting my article on your FB account. We give Hope to those who needs it ✝️❣️


  2. So powerful! So true mom! What an awesome message. Congratulations on this milestone. Keep sharing and writing about the Good News! Thank you for loving others through the power of your testimony. #MySuperHero


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