Embrace The Seasons In Your Life

My blog today is taking a different slant. I’m looking at the – ‘WHAT ifs’ that can possibly occur in the seasons of life. Seasons are like chapters in our lives – what may feel like the end of a chapter, can actually be the beginning of something better. 

When you complain, you make yourself a victim. 

Life brings varied experiences into our lives, and unfortunately, we don’t get to pick which ones we are most comfortable with. 

Winter is tough and the experience can be mentally challenging – it gets darker earlier; it’s gloomy; it’s wet; the sunshine is limited to just a few hours per day; and depression increases in the most vulnerable persons. Based on all those facts mentioned, let’s apply them into our daily lives. Somebody may be feeling stuck right now in a good relationship that has gone bad. There’s coldness and gloom all around you. Things look bad and hopeless, and it may be driving you insane. You can use this season to shut yourself away in your warm prayer closet – the weather outside is frightening anyway. There is a time to build, be prepared to re-build your marriage through prayer. So don’t lose hope because God is the ‘Master Designer’ of things called impossible. 

Here comes Spring – everybody loves Springtime. Spring means life, the clocks spring forward, the day light is longer, the dead trees begin to bloom, the air is fresh, and the birds are tweeting their songs long before the day breaks. Everyone is happy and cheerful and the flowers bloom in multiple colours. What can possibly go wrong? Spring brings on reality checks. You try on those clothes you wore last Spring, and they just don’t fit you anymore. Your weight and body shape make you feel less confident. You’re having negative thoughts about yourself. Remember two things: Loving YOUR BODY ONLY when it’s in the perfect shape is like loving your kids ONLY when they’re well behaved. It’s NOT YOUR BODY that you have to convince – it’s YOUR MIND that you have to convince. 

Best memories are made in Summer – road trips are fun when the car is filled with the laugher of kids, beach wear, amusement parks, picnics in the park, and tons of pictures to show places and memories of places you visited as a family. What are Summer Stealers: Parent/s obssessed with making a living while kids spend their summer vacation bored at home. Using babysitters or grandparents to replace your absence in the home. Spending quality time with your friends, but purchasing stuff for kids. CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: If you want YOUR KIDS to turn out well, it’s important that you spend QUALITY TIME with them. YOUR KIDS will grow up quickly. If YOU MISS the moments to create their childhood memories, you will never get that time again. YOUR KIDS are GREAT IMITATORS, they WATCH everything you do, and HEAR very little what YOU SAY. Children become spoiled when you substitute buying stuff for them to make up for your absence. Finally, when in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work and your friends.

What can a FALL Experience look like? Well, FALL or Autumn is all about the beautiful colors of the trees as they show off their spendour and glory. Everyone is in awe of the beautiful colors of the trees. But, within weeks,  all the leaves will fall to the ground, and when trees shed their leaves, the once beautiful looking trees without their leaves now look dead. Let’s look at a possible life experience that we may have to deal with. A mother is the heart and beauty of a well functioning family. She raised strong and confident children. Her husband honors and respects her, taking pride in calling her – ‘his chosen one.’ Now, they have been told that the heart of the home ‘Ma’ is terminally ill and will not make it. The family has gone into mourning and have to say their final goodbyes. How do you cope with the frailty of life? Jesus took the sting/pain out of death when He was resurrected on the third day. God alone is immortal, humans are mortals. The Bible says, β€œOur friends, we want you to KNOW THE TRUTH about those who have died, so THAT YOU WILL NOT be SAD, as are those who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will take back with Jesus those who have died believing in Him.” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 GNTD 

Embrace the Seasons in your life. Seasons come, and Seasons go. Every Season brings its own experiences and lessons. 

9 thoughts on “Embrace The Seasons In Your Life

  1. Thank GOD that HE holds our hands through all seasons of our lives. I don’t know about tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand.
    thank you for sharing your thoughts and understanding. Blessings! πŸ‘­


    1. Thank God for Jesus πŸ™ŒπŸΎ It’s so sweet to trust in Jesus πŸ™πŸΎ Appreciate your loyalty for what God has called me to do πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©


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